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Volunteers Opportunities

Welcome and thank you to all volunteers! We are excited to work with you and to have your unique assistance in furthering the influence of The Grey Tavern's charitable mission!

Volunteer Role Paths

Volunteer Role Paths are various different categories of volunteer service designed to give you to opportunity to not only select a path of interest or one that highlights your talents but to progress in your responsibility in that Volunteer Role Path.

To see the specifics of what is this progression looks like and what each Path involves, read the brief Path descriptions below.

You may choose more than one Path.

If you are a new volunteer or are starting a Path for the first time, you only qualify for a Tier 1 position. Each Path has their own Tier 1 positions.

    Stewardship Paths


    Sopher (Grey Tavern rule keepers)

    Creator Paths

    Scrivener (Writers)

    Schema (Artists)

    Gaman (Game creators)

    Seamsters (Costume designers)

    Culinary Paths



    Barkeepers (includes drink creation)

    Volunteer Role Path Considerations

    Before selecting a Path, keep the following in mind:

    • You may choose to engage in as many Volunteer Role Paths as you have the ability to fulfill. If you are not able to fulfill on a position, you will be asked to step down from that position to give opportunity for others who are interested in it.
    • We have several volunteer opportunities available. More will be created as The Grey Tavern keeps growing. 
    • When starting in a Path, you will only be eligible to participate in the base role, not leadership or high responsibility positions. Those opportunities may be available to you as you show your work ethic, good ownership and care over your responsibilities, and fulfilling on your deadlines and tasks in a good and complete way.