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As an Order

As an Order

As an Order at The Grey Tavern, you can expect 2 things in addition to "base" patronage and/or family patronage.

1. To do nearly all Grey Tavern Games, Activities, Events, etc. Together

While there are some elements of individuals gaining rewards, nearly all of The Grey Tavern volunteer system is designed for people to do things together.

As such, Orders are friends of your or your family. Orders are ways for you to get Grey Tavern "credit", called Veracity, for doing things you like to do and for volunteering to help the Grey Tavern grow and move forward.

In order to keep an Order intact, you all need to have an activity at least once a month. For this activity, there are several parameters that must be met for it to count as an Order activity:

  1. Everyone in the Order needs to be invited
  2. All 4 Order leaders need to be attendance
  3. The activity needs to last at least 1 hour

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2. Log Experiences for Rewards

The Grey Tavern rewards all Order efforts that are recorded through Order Veracity Reports. This includes:

Reporting on these elements gives the individuals within your Order a Veracity total (similar to experience points in most games). Each individual's Veracity adds together to make the Order Veracity.

Veracity can then be turned into Dragon Merit Points, which can be used to procure dragons of various tiers. Each month as a specific dragon type that can only be unlocked during that month with Dragon Merit Points.

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3. Order Projects

Order projects are initiatives your Order would like to accomplish to assist the community or The Grey Tavern, or both.

Order projects can be anything under the sun, as long as it is one that improves and is helpful to either or both entities.

All Order projects much be approved by The Grey Tavern if you wish to have access to its resources and name as part of the project. All projects that are started and/or done without the permission of The Grey Tavern cannot be logged to gain Veracity, and you do not have access to any Grey Tavern resources, materials, or locations as part of the project. This doesn't mean you cannot come to The Grey Tavern during this time. It simply means The Grey Tavern will not support your or render you its resources to aid with your project.

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