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Bonding to an Anaesian Creature

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Bonding Guide

Purpose of Bonding

Bonding is a game that is complementary to Spells.

What it does:

  • Provides the motivational and incentivization element that is needed for Bixis to desire to do Spells and Creature Trackers. (See the Spells Game for this)
  • First activity where Guardians and Bixis see the behavioral elements  of the game through a story- Tale of the Bonded Creature- where the Bonded Creature acts according to the Bixi personality results shared through the Character Hunt questions.

A Bonding connects a Bixi with a creature from the Realm of Anaes. This Bonding infuses the Anaesian creature with the same Totem (behavioral traits) as their Bixi. 

The gameplay of Grey Tavern games focuses on:

  • Showing the strengths and weaknesses of behavioral traits and choices
  • How to change, overcome, or strengthen behavioral traits and choices. 
  • Through their Bonded creature, Bixis can see themselves and the choices they make- and the consequences- quickly and in a safe, imaginative environment.

The Bixi Totem, which will be given in one form or another at the beginning of a Bonding event, in reality shows a Bixi’s behavioral patterns and tendencies. For this reason, Bixi Totems should only be seen and utilized by a Bixi’s family and The Grey Tavern, who promise to do all within its power to keep Totems and other behavior information safe, and to only use the information for Grey Tavern games and stories.

What is Bonding

Bonding refers to the connection between a Bixi and a Grand Symbiote. The Bixi and the Grand Symbiote, though the inhabitants of two different Realms, share and pass enhancing energy, experience, and knowledge to each other. What one does in their Realm affects the other in theirs.

A Bond with a creature of Anaes is utilized to show a Bixi 

  • How their actions, accomplishments, and learnings affect them.
  • The creature they are bonded to is a reflection of the Bixi. As such, the actions the creature takes in a Grey Tavern game should be a reflection, in a fantastical manner, of the Bixi’s actions taken in real life.
  • A Bixi sees themselves and the good and bad consequences of their actions through the “life” of their bonded creature.

What is Needed for a Bonding?

A Bonding requires 3 things:

  • A Bixi Totem (reliant on the Character Hunt game and it’s 8 Hakim)
  • 1 Spell to be created with that Creature. (A Bixi can bond to more than one creature as long as they are able to provide them all with the energy needed to function or be playable week to week. At least 1 spell must be done specifically for a creature before it is officially bonded)
  • The Tale of the Bonded creature’s first adventure!

How the Bonding Game is Played

Games that must precede Bonding are:

  • Character Hunt
  • Spells

Most of the Bonding game is completed through there two games, so this game is primarily a sit-back-and-enjoy-the-story game. 

But listen for the variable details in the story and see if they’re in keeping with actions or thoughts of your Bixi.

Where and When a Bonding Should Occur

  • For now, Bonding must occur at The Grey Tavern. 
  • Whenever a new creature is being Bonded to a Bixi, the Bixi should work with their Guardian to make at least one Spell with that new creature in mind. Additional Spells made for that creature do not require a Bonding event.

What is the Tale of the Bonded Creature?

The Tale of the Bonded creature is a fantastical story of a creature soon after the first Spell was completed. 

As described in the Spells game, the creature is sleeping beside or on the Bixi as the Spell is being crafted. Afterwards, the creature is taken back to its Den, Hole, Nest, etc. When it awakens, it finds itself terribly hungry as if the Spell used much of its energy. What and how the creature resolves its situation will be told during the Bonding.