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Sophers work directly under Casimir to ensure the Grey Tavern volunteer system and Grey Tavern rules running smoothly and being upheld.

In general, Sophers are responsible for:

  • Keeping and maintaining the rules of The Grey Tavern.

  • Following up with the various volunteer teams on their tasks and ensuring they stick to deadlines or create new ones IF the situation warrants it.

  • Assigning or removing Strikes accordingly.

  • Notifying volunteers as a whole on projects.

  • Deals with and judges rule infractions.

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Sopher Roles

Jurist (Tier 1)

A Jurist is responsible for:

  • Overseeing at least 1 volunteer team by following up on their deadlines, working with them to succeed on their projects within the given time period, and resolving conflict or rule breaking that may occur.

  • Judging cases that may arise according to the rule parameters, guidelines, and instructions that are relevant to the team the Jurist is supervising.

  • Reporting on their teams’ ability or inability to keep to deadlines, rules, and other commitments.

  • Attend team meetings, take minutes, and record, report, and follow up on commitments the team has made.

A Jurists reports to the Scribe over their team or teams.

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Scribe (Tier 2)

A Scribe is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the general upholdance of rules and task completion of certain assigned volunteer team categories, though they do not usually directly follow up with each team unless a Jurist is not available.

  • Resolving rule infraction cases of a higher nature than Jurists handle or if a Jurist’s ruling has been called into question.

  • Announcing rule additions, changes, and updates in their specific categories/areas of speciality to the team categories they oversee.

  • Proposing the crafting or removal of certain rules they oversee to the Chief Scribe.

  • Overseeing a team of Jurists.

A Scribe reports the Chief Scribe.

Chief Scribe (Tier 3)

The Chief Scribe is responsible for:

  • Working with Casimir on rule, process, and structure creation, specifically for volunteer functions and responsibilities.

  • Keeping and maintaining the rules, processes and structure creation.

  • Making sure everyone is introduced to the rules and can easily find them.

  • Keeping Scribes and Jurists to a follow up schedule and process for helping the various volunteer teams succeed in their endeavors.

  • Announcing rule additions, changes, and updates.

  • Responsible for keeping and maintaining the Dragon Merit Points reward system.

  • Resolving rule infraction cases of a higher nature than Scribes handle or if a Scribe’s ruling has been called into question.

The Chief Scribe reports directly to Casimir.

Sopher Warnings

As Sophers can hold great sway and power over a volunteer organization’s motivations, culture, and perceptions of The Grey Tavern, a Sopher’s conduct and way they uphold Grey Tavern rules will be closely monitored.

Here are a few things Sopher’s should be aware of:

  1. You are expected to uphold the rules, but to do so with meekness, kindness, and respect to your fellow volunteers. You will hold power, but you will be expected to use it primarily to uplift and motivate other volunteers not to tear down, unless the rules themselves call for removal from a position, Strikes, or other such consequences for poor behavior.

  2. Sopher rule infraction judgements can be overruled by those in a higher role in the Sopher category than them if a case is pushed to a higher level by the infractor for legitimate reasons. Any of the three roles below can have their verdict appealed to a higher Sopher role. If the case makes it all the way to Casimir, she has final say on the verdict.

  3. If a complaint comes against you, the case will be handled as unbiasedly as possible in order to be fair to all parties involved.