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A Message from The Grey Tavern's Founders

The purpose of the Grey Tavern is to help others come to a greater knowledge and understanding of many ancient religious symbols that exist through many cultures and multiple religions, focusing on the archetypes of Christianity, Buddhism, Wicca, and some of the understandings and presentations explored in multiple pagancies, mixed with contemporary references. These are placed in a digestible manner that shows a unifying similarity that exists between all of the children of the Lightbringer.

For whether He or She is God to you, a noble spirit, or a force of positivity that brings joy, happiness and understanding it is not our place to judge. We simply wish to share stories of unifying elements that celebrate all of our purposes as the children of the Lightbringer. For truth is truth no matter the color of your skin, the culture of your growth, or the religion of your ascendancy.

Our hope and our goal is to come together with the best knowledges and practices that each of us have found to come closer to that great "I Am" no matter which form He or She takes within your life.

Our only rule is this: that you be respectful and courteous to each other’s points of view whether you be Protestant Christian, Wiccan, traditional Catholic, pagan, or a believer in any other form the Lightbringer may take. If you do not agree with the views and presentations of the Grey Tavern, we solemnly invite you to be patient, for not all beliefs and representations will be highlighted within the text and understanding of the Grey Tavern’s official position and purpose. We gladly accept communication, collaboration, and input, but, like all forms of belief, we must do the best we can to discern and display unifying truths or commonalities between the religions and ethics that span the world; for it is impossible to truly capture and facilitate every individual form of religious doctrine that exists.

The Fantasy Smiths

In open and full disclosure, J.R. Casimir, Orpheus, and Septimus Jack, Fantasy Smiths of the Grey Tavern, each of us come with different backgrounds and experiences.

J.R. Casimir

Hi! I'm J.R. Casimir. I grew up twenty minutes from Boulder, Colorado, a common melting pot of multiple beliefs. It being a hot spot for religions and exposures to religion such as multiple forms of Wicca, various forms of Protestant Christianity, and with a growing Hindu population, this has been a source of many different forms of religious and cultural exposure that helps to influence many different aspects of my writing.

I also spent several years in the North Eastern states of the United States of America. Here, I had to opportunity to interact and learn from people of many faiths including Wicca and Traditional Catholics. Also while in New England, I associated with many people who did not identify with a religion or as religious. At first, I found this strange as I'd grown up in an area where few were not religious in some manner, but as I came to know and love these people, I found them admirable. They are good people, and many of them are following the elements of truth they found across many religions and other principles of truth, seeking for happiness and fulfillment of purpose just as all of us are. 

My primary goal as an author here at the Grey Tavern is not to preach to you, but instead to share a vision of the unifying elements that each of our respective religions offer. My intention is not to offend anyone, although I do reserve the right to share my views of unity through the written word of my favorite form of communication.


Hello, my name is Orpheus. I hail from the green lands of Ohio but my travels have taken me to different and multiple locations.

With my parents in the military, I had the pleasure of traveling to places such as Alaska, Nebraska, Montana, Japan and others. I also spent a few years in religious study in France and Belgium. This opened my eyes to a great many cultural differences and perspectives on beliefs that are seen outside of the contemporary United States.

The culture of France is very rich with generations upon generations of individuals fast set in their religious ideologies. While there, I had the pleasure of associating with Christians, Traditional Catholics, several sects of Judaism, various sects of Islam, variations on Druidry, and many other Asian religions such as various forms of Hindu and Buddhism.

My purpose within the Grey Tavern is to render many of my unique perspectives and insights to the author, J.R. Casimir, but my primary purpose is to facilitate the creation of a game of which the sole purpose is to help bring together others of differing religions and points of view to enjoy the sharing of traditions and family stories from our heritage in a meaningful manner and to create new ways and opportunities to bring communities together through the joys of shared understanding in the context and commitment to enjoyable gameplay that does not preach or awkwardly dismiss or seek to silence the voices of all generations.

My commitment to you is to try my hardest to deliver games that aim to unify instead of games that divide and unhealthily compete. But rest assured, there will be friendly competition kept within the bounds of enjoyment and unity.

Septimus Jack

Hello, my name is Septimus Jack. I am an avid gamer and game developer who has spent most of my life spread across the United States of America.

Though I will never claim to be an expert on culture and religions outside of America, I have acquired a significant amount of exposure to multiple forms of Protestant Christianity including Baptist, Southern Baptist, Pentecostal, and The Church of Jesus Christ of a Latter-Day Saints (which, I’ll put under Protestant). I have had many friends and neighbors who have graciously shared their Catholic beliefs, and who have invited me to enjoy Bible Study with them.

I confess, I am no expert on many religions outside of Christianity besides brief but very enlightening and enjoyable conversations with those of the Wiccan faith.

My role as a Fantasy Smith is to try to facilitate an air and environment of understanding and unification, presenting and creating interesting and new products, each with symbolic meanings, that I hope leads to good feelings among friends and patience and understanding when our beliefs differ.

Everything we create in the Grey Tavern is not to the promotion of any one sect of religion, but instead facilitates loving aspects that celebrate each of our divine purposes as children of the Lightbringer, in whatever form he or she takes within your life.

Disclaimer On Products

For those of you considering to purchase a product from the Grey Tavern but are concerned about religious idolatry, we want to reemphasize these products are not religious emblems or tokens of any particular faith or sect. If you use our products in any other way besides gift giving and imaginative play, this is not condoned by the Grey Tavern.

Grey Tavern Affiliations

We are a religious nonprofit, not a religion. We act as an auxiliary to religions to help bring to light and discussion the various truths each religion contains and holds dear.

We are simply three good friends who would like to see the world come a little bit closer through common understandings, the sharing and exposure to different traditions, and to provide fictitious insights on how we might come together and become closer as a people.

We want everyone to know that we love you and we want the best for you. We are a couple of goofy friends with an English degree, a Medical degree, and a Business degree, trying to do the best we can with what we have. We don’t know you but we want you to feel the love we have for you and the love the Lightbringer has for you in whatever form that takes within your life.


J.R. Casimir
Septimus Jack