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How to Continue Volunteering

Volunteers of The Grey Tavern will run fairly autonomously. It is according to how much time you would like to volunteer and in what way you would like to volunteer.

We track volunteer and Order activity weekly, so here's some things you can do within a week, or pursue over a longer period of time and acquire Veracity through subquests related to the project.

Keep in mind that Orders will be disbanded if you don't have an activity once a month.

1. Order Activities

Order Activities include:

  • Playing Grey Tavern games
  • Doing fun activities or other initiatives as an Order together such as sports, going to your favorite treat shop, work meeting, crafting things, etc. Simply fun things you all like doing together or are doing together anyway. 
  • Faerie Visitations
  • Order Projects (More on this with activity number 4)

Remember to fill out an Order Veracity Report after each of these activities!

2. Volunteer Role Path Positions

Each of the Volunteer Role Path Positions outline specific tasks that need to be accomplished during a week, month, and sometimes daily timeframe.

Refer to those outlines for those details.

Remember to fill out an Order Veracity Report after each of these activities!

3. Order Roles

There are 4 leadership roles within an Order.

Each of these have specific tasks and responsibilities that will help your Order to flourish with The Grey Tavern.

Although your Order will most likely have more than 4 members, only the 4 designated leaders will have the opportunity to earn Veracity through Order Roles. Activities 1, 2, and 4 are ones that all Grey Tavern patrons and/or volunteers can do.

Remember to fill out an Order Veracity Report after each of these activities!

4. Order or Volunteer Projects

Order and Volunteer projects are initiative that:

  • Orders start themselves as an initiative the whole Order would like to pursue.
  • Volunteers can start an initiative to improve or enhance tools, processes, guides, etc. within their Volunteer Role Path.
  • The Grey Tavern asks you to lead and accomplish.
  • etc.

Orders and volunteers are highly encouraged to start and do projects that interest them. These projects should be:

  • Either for the local community or for The Grey Tavern
  • Approved by The Grey Tavern

To get an Order or Volunteer project approved, you simply need to follow 3 steps:

  1. Sign up for a time to present your project plan.

  2. If you wish to do this project with individuals who aren't in your Order, you should find 4 individuals to work on the project with you. They can be within The Grey Tavern or outside The Grey Tavern.

    Those outside The Grey Tavern will need to become an official volunteer in order to participate, especially since they will be helping to lead a Grey Tavern approved project. We HIGHLY recommend starting an Order with those who you are bringing into The Grey Tavern for a project.

  3. Prepare a slide deck with key details about the project.

  4. Present the slide deck to The Grey Tavern on the day and time arranged.

  5. Four results can come from the presentation:

    (1) You are approved and may start on the start date agreed upon.

    (2) You are asked to refine or improve your deck with certain data that The Grey Tavern asks you to find and present. A new presentation date will be scheduled.

    (3) You are told this is a good project but another project needs to be done before this one. You will be asked if you would like to do this other project and your proposed project will be scheduled for a later date on The Grey Tavern calendar. The Grey Tavern can move forward or backward the tentative date as it sees fit.

    (4) Your project is denied.

Remember to fill out an Order Veracity Report after each of these activities as well as the step by step tasks that are needed to complete a project!

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