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Races of North Forge

Host Races


Basic Description:

Incomprehensible in scope and size, this Elder Dragon’s primary purpose is to bear the material bodies of all Elder Dragons. She is known among all the Elder Dragons as the Great Mother of Nature and the Queen of Dragon Kind. 

Mortal Races


Basic Description

Rangers of the badlands and bringers of harmony between mortals and creatures of lower understanding. Jotunns possess the senses and abilities to bridge the interpretive gaps between mortal and beast. They walk the delicate line between the great demands of nature and the laws of peace and harmony. When this delicate balance is overthrown, Jotunns strive with passionate fervor to bring those disruptors responsible to answer for their acts of chaos and providing enlightenment and education to the realms of mortals of how peace, order, and harmony can be had among both society and nature. Jotunn societies and kingdoms are built to live within nature and a part of nature as opposed to living on top of nature or harmful manipulations. 

Jotunn Lineages (sub-races)



Basic Description

Norns value unity and protection of that unity above nearly any other attribute. They oftentimes interject themselves as mediators and guides between the other mortal races, helping them reach the most beneficial outcome for any two arguing societies plus a little for themselves simply out of base necessity. Many young Norns spend their early years training in the cultures in which they are projected to act as a councilor and mitigator for. Though always preferring peace, Norns are not above force when ideologies and opposing doctrines leads to unnecessary bloodshed. Norns firmly believe that a united people is a prosperous people and that suffering can be mitigated through a united view whether that united view is maintained through force is up to the Norn kingdom.

Norn Lineages


World Beings


Basic Description

Amptes are a powerful hive-structured race focused as the primary contributors to both the defense of the Cephas from larger physical invaders as well as the first line of creatures necessary in the breaking down of new matter that is consumed by a Cephas. Though they are of a Cephas attunement, they are a fairly common creature found throughout the worlds of the Fey.


Basic Description

Beowulfs are a powerful and invasive hive-based race rumored to have come from the same existence as the Ampte and the Bitela. Though not as actively defensive as an Ampte colony, Beowulfs make up for it in their fearless and oftentimes selfless dedication to their queen and hive. Beowulfs are an essential part of most ecosystems, collecting food unpalatable by most races and creating a sweet astral nectar used for both nourishment and communication within the hive and a delightful, if not pungent, treat among Jotunn and Norn kind. 


Basic Description

The Bitela, though rarer to see than Amptes and Beowulves, are actually equally if not more numerous. The seclusive and sheltered life of the Bitela typically keeps them away from the hunting paths of most Jotunns, and their deep-lurking lairs make them an unfavorable hunt for the Norns. The Bitela don’t necessarily offer the best of meats nor are they easy to tame, however they occupy an essential piece of most ecosystems. Due to their unusual attunement to their environment, Bitela hives move and migrate to areas of soft and oftentimes decomposing matter. After an Ampte hive has cleaned the choice meat from a fallen leviathan and after the Beowulves have picked clean the juicy and choice flesh of specific organs, this is when Bitelas move in for their turn at whatever remains. 

Law Beings


Basic Description

Dwarves are a very unique race especially in the means of their replication. A single dwarf, if given enough food, shelter, and security, can undergo what is known as macro-cellular replication. Effectively each dwarf has the power and potential to perfectly replicate itself. With the increased means of replication, this has almost created a near self defeating conundrum in which during times of disorder, over-population within dwarven communities has led to a near complete exhaustion of natural resources.

Though the various dwarven kinds are very similar to each other physically, dwarves hunger for the favorable conditions and materials necessary to safely replicate.

Physically, dwarves are a stout and hardy race, but they are not terribly known for their forethought. Dwarves tend to live in large tribes or kingdoms.

While acting within a Cephas environment, Dwarves could safely and effectively dismount, deconstruct, and put to use any if not all materials left behind by Amptes and Beowulves. Bitelas and Dwarves often find themselves at odds with each other as their preferred resources tend to be found in similar areas.

A beautiful, yet peculiar idiom called the Dwarf Song. The Dwarf Song is the rhythmic, runic language of the Dwarves. They do not speak in word, but in pitch, tune, meter, and note. Each lineage of Dwarf has their own voice they add to the whole. The Dwarf Song sets the pace at which the Dwarves work. No matter the distance or if a Dwarf is just entering a room with other Dwarves, they always seem to be singing as one. Discord in a Dwarf Song can indicate their mines are running dry or the community is about to split.

Dwarf Lineages



Basic Description

Kobolds live in a borderline fanatical honor-based society that values duty and efficiency over individuality and common kindness.

Kobolds are set apart from the other law beings that stem from the Cephas due to their profound productivity, discipline, and adherence to common practice. Every year, a month before they undergo a similar replication process to Dwarves, every kingdom of Kobolds undergo an event known as the Forum. Here Kobolds are presented with a seasonal three-week long celebration of individuality in which Kobolds are allowed to explore, debate, and battle out new and progressive concepts, the most successful of which are spread about, announced, and enforced upon the kingdom as the old law is replaced with seemingly more efficient and effective new law.

Every Kobold is given a week to both memorize, study, adhere to, and practice relevant statutes to themselves. Following this month of festivities comes the ritual of replication in which all Kobolds whether able or unable undergo through the ritual of replication, passing on everything they’ve learned to their offspring who retain a copy of that information or practice.


Basic Description

Creatures of grace and mystery, Elves are only seen when they desire to be seen. Master infiltrators, scouts, and oracle, Elvish kingdoms oftentimes are hubs used to help inform the other mortal kingdoms of coming dangers, potential threats, and foreseeable dooms. Elves are oftentimes hailed as soothsayers and also hermits. Their great attunement to the world allows them to see and foresee events long before they happen, not through any supernatural means but through a summation of gathered senses and the ability to perceive the very vibrations of mortal intent.