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Scriveners work closely with Casimir to craft and create content such as:

  • Game text such as rules, flavor text, dialogue, etc, as needed by each game.

  • Bestiary, Realm, and other lore details.

  • Event informationals, promotional material, website content, etc.

  • Flushing out current lore.

Scriveners should not be confused for game makers. They may work on or assist on a game if it is a large project, but Scriveners have their own projects and efforts that are independent of game teams. Scriveners have just as much opportunity as game makers to create original content.

Original Content

Original content includes many things. For Scriveners, it may be stories, bestiary entries, comics, etc. For Gaman, it may be a board, card, video, or other game. For Schemas, it may be digital art, painting, sculpting, etc. For Seamsters, it may be warrior outfits, ball dresses, everyday fantasy wear, etc.

Any imaginative endeavor you present to the head of your organization (ex. Chief Editor for Scriveners), it is approved by them and The Grey Tavern, and is not an assignment given to you by The Grey Tavern is Original Content.

All original content for Scriveners must be:

  • Editorially checked by Editors and the Chief Editor.
  • Made in conjunction with a Lorekeeper. 
  • Reviewed for lore continuity after final edits have been completed by the editorial teams.

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Scrivener Roles

Author (Tier 1)

Authors are responsible for:

  • Creating and crafting content, both original and assignment based.

  • Getting original content plans approved by your Chief Editor.

  • Meeting deadlines for content completion, edits, Lorekeeper review, and final submission.

  • Working with Lorekeepers to keep work consistent with Grey Tavern lore.

  • Working with editors to ensure content is on par with Grey Tavern grammar and stylistic criteria.

An Author’s primary contacts will be Lorekeepers and editors assigned to their work.

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Editor (Tier 2)

The Editor is primarily responsible for:

  • Reviewing Author content for grammatical and stylistic errors.

  • Reviewing game maker content for grammatical and stylistic errors.

  • Ensuring grammatical and stylistic correctness and continuity between all Author content.

  • Keeping up-to-date grammatical and stylistic information on formats, Grey Tavern vocabulary, editorial style, etc.

  • Overseeing a team of Authors.

  • Organizing and tracking all Author tasks
  • Organizing and tracking all written content-- it's type (comic, webpage, etc.), where to find it, what planear category it falls under, etc.

An Editor reports to the Chief Editor.

Chief Editor (Tier 3)

The Chief Editor is responsible for:

  • Ensuring all Scrivener content - original or not - is presented in a grammatically and stylistically correct and congruent manner.

  • Ensuring all tasks given to Scriveners are completed.

  • Making sure all Scriveners are doing their roles appropriately and have the tools and know-how to do so.

  • Overseeing the organization and tracking of Scrivener tasks.

  • Overseeing the organization and tracking of written content-- it's type (comic, webpage, etc.), where to find it, what planear category it falls under, etc.

  • Approving original content plans presented by Editors or Authors.

The Chief Editor reports directly to Casimir.

The Chief Editor will generally be working closely with Lorekeepers, Gamans, and other development teams.

All complaints, issues, or rule negligence should be reported to Sophers.