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How to Become a The Grey Tavern Volunteer

Dear volunteer,

Thank you so much for your desire to assist in the furtherance and influence of The Grey Tavern’s charitable mission. I wish to individually recognize and thank you, in advance, for selflessly and imaginatively giving of your talents, time, resources, and funds to this cause! You, and each volunteer, are an essential and much needed individual in helping the mission of The Grey Tavern to become a reality in every child's, parent's, friend's, and stranger's life! 

May you find growth, fulfillment, and greater love and understanding with your loved ones and others during your invaluable volunteer service, is my hope,

J.R. Casimir

Steps for Becoming a Grey Tavern Volunteer

Step 1

Call or email The Grey Tavern.

Once you express your interest in volunteering, we will set up an appointment with you to go over the documentation needed for you to volunteer and discuss a volunteer role with you.

Calling or emailing us is the surest way to get ahold of Septimus Jack or J.R. Casimir. As The Grey Tavern is still growing, they cannot always be at The Grey Tavern location, even during open hours, which is why we use a reservation system for teaching and showcasing Grey Tavern games.

Phone #: 208- 206- 1206


Step 2

Before coming to The Grey Tavern, submit this form to let us know which Volunteer Role Path you are interested in.

When you arrive, you will be required to read and sign several forms:

  • A non-disclosure agreement
  • An Intellectual Property Release
  • The Grey Tavern Volunteer Rules and Policies
  • The Grey Tavern Purpose
  • General The Grey Tavern Expectations for all Volunteers

Step 3

After filling out this form, you’ll be given instructions on how to fill out an Order Veracity Report. These reports are essential for recording all of your efforts with The Grey Tavern and will be how we calculate your Dragon Merit Points. Also, when this form is completed, you will receive a donation receipt.

Veracity and Dragon Merit will be explained during Step 2 and specific instructions will be given for how to gain both in the Volunteer Role Path you select.


You are now an official Grey Tavern volunteer! We are so excited to work with you!

What's Next

Now, look into the Volunteer Role Paths. These are more specific ways, roles, and tasks that The Grey Tavern needs your help with. For example, there are roles for writers, artists, game makers, rule keepers, bakers, etc.

As a volunteer, you can now participate in The Grey Tavern events, projects, etc, but the BEST way to be as involved as possible is to apply for a Volunteer Role Path!

Check Out the Volunteer Role Paths