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Schemas work directly under Septimus to create artistic assets to be used in games, stories, comics, and original content.

In general, Schemas are responsible for:

  • Artistic assets for Grey Tavern games, stories, lore, events, website, etc.

  • Showing the principles taught in Grey Tavern content, programs, etc. in beautiful, but, more importantly, accurate ways.

  • Crafting the macro or micro presentation of Grey Tavern projects.

Credit for artwork will be dealt with on an individual basis.

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Schema Roles

Former (Tier 1)

A Former is responsible for:

  • Creating and crafting artistic and visual assets for both original content and assigned projects.

  • Getting original content plans approved by your Chief Appraiser.

  • Meeting deadlines for project completion, edits, Lorekeeper review, and final submission.

  • Working with Lorekeepers to keep work consistent with Grey Tavern lore.

  • Working with Appraisers  to ensure art is on par with Grey Tavern style criteria.

  • Promoting work and projects you've completed to the local community.

Formers report to their Appraisers.

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Appraiser (Tier 2)

The Appraiser is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and updating the library of artistic and visual assets of The Grey Tavern.
  • Tracking and keeping record of Schema representations within realms, dimensions, and planes. They will often need to work with Lorekeeper Catalogers to ensure the two libraries match.

  • Organize assets into their 8 Planear Categories.

  • Coordinating changes or adjustments in visual assets where all changes need to be made.

  • Consulting with game makers, Scriveners, and other makers of lore presentations when Formers aren’t available.

  • Promoting work and projects you've completed to the local community.

  • Overseeing a team of Formers.

Appraisers report to Chief Appraisers.

Questions, concerns, ideas, plans for improvements, etc should be communicated with the Chief Appraiser. 

Chief Appraiser (Tier 3)

The Chief Appraiser is responsible for:

  • Working with Septimus on the style guides, artistic rules, and organizing assets by realm, dimension, and planear dimension.

  • Approving all art or other visual assets that are added to the asset library.

  • Ensuring all Schemas under them know the style guides, have access to them, and are producing work within the parameters Septimus sets forth.

  • Working with Septimus on style guide and other Schema rules when a fatal flaw, duplication, etc has occurred.

  • Collaborate with Chief Librarians to ensure style guides and other visual assets rules express correctly the Lore parameters that are required for the realms, dimensions, and planes.

  • Promoting work and projects you've completed to the local community.

  • Approving Original Content presented by Appraisers or Formers.

  • Overseeing the organization and tracking of all Schema tasks and projects.

  • Overseeing the organization and tracking of all visual assets-- where they are found, what medium of presentation, artwork style, planear category, etc.

The Chief Appraiser reports directly to Septimus.

Original Content

Original content includes many things. For Scriveners, it may be stories, bestiary entries, comics, etc. For Gaman, it may be a board, card, video, or other game. For Schemas, it may be digital art, painting, sculpting, etc. For Seamsters, it may be warrior outfits, ball dresses, everyday fantasy wear, etc.

Any imaginative endeavor you present to the head of your organization (ex. Chief Editor for Scriveners), it is approved by them and The Grey Tavern, and is not an assignment given to you by The Grey Tavern is Original Content.

All original content for Schemas must be:

  • Reviewed by Appraisers and the Chief Appraisers.

  • Made in conjunction with a Lorekeeper. 

  • Reviewed for lore continuity after final edits have been completed by the editorial teams.