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As a Volunteer

As a Volunteer at The Grey Tavern, you can expect 7 things in addition to "base" patronage, and/or family patronage, and Order patronage.

1. Hour Commitments

As a volunteer, you will be asked to communicate with The Grey Tavern what your minimum and maximum hours from week to week.

This doesn't mean that you change your min and max hours week by week, but that you volunteer for a number of hours within that range every week. You can change your min and max hours if needed.

This helps The Grey Tavern and other volunteers to work with you in a manner that won't overwhelm you or take more time than you're willing to give.

Complete Step 1 and Step 2 of Becoming a Volunteer

2. Monthly Rewards

The Monthly Rewards are dragons that you can play in a game mode called the Dragon Realm. These dragons and the tier of dragon you've earned show off how many projects and how much work you've done to other volunteers and other Orders.

You will be competing with other Orders to accumulate Dragon Merit Points. Only Orders with Order Veracity totals over the average amount for all Orders will receive Dragon Merit Points.

Rewards for your volunteer efforts will change on a monthly basis. As in the type of dragon you can earn with Dragon Merit Points will change and the previous month's dragon will not be available until next year.

Start an Order to Gain Rewards

3. Projects

As a volunteer, you can propose projects to help The Grey Tavern in an area where you think a need is or to help the community.

There are 2 requirements for volunteer projects:

  1. Get it approved by presenting the project to a Grey Tavern representative. 
  2. Must get a team together. A team is usually your Order, but if you wish to work with others you can. If you wish to lead the project with individuals not in your Order, you must find 3 additional individuals to help you lead the project. This must be done before proposing the project for approval.

Propose a Project

4. Volunteer Role Paths

Volunteer Role Paths are various ways to support The Grey Tavern as an individual, though your efforts can and should be recorded so that Veracity can be added to your Order Veracity total. These paths follow various interests such as baking, lorekeeping, game making, etc.

You may select as many Paths and fill as many roles as you have the ability to fill and that The Grey Tavern approves you for.

Starting down any Path, you can only fill the entry or Tier 1 position. As you prove you can fulfill that role you can apply for consideration to be a Tier 2 role. For now, there are 3 Tiers for each Volunteer Role Path.

Select a Volunteer Role Path

5. Resources

Grey Tavern resources can only be used for Grey Tavern projects, events, and other uses. 

Anything you bring from home or something like that to add to project task or thing is then a donated item. For example, if you're making bread for The Grey Tavern and flour is missing, and you run home to get flour to complete the recipe, then the flour in the bread is considered a donated ingredient and does not in any way make the bread you made yours.

Resources are delegated by the Grey Tavern to the Volunteer Role Paths that use those resources. Those in those Role Paths can use those items. If you are approached by someone outside of your Role Path about using your Role Path's resources, reach out to head or Tier 3 individual of your Role Path, or have the inquirer reach out to them.

6. Orders

All the Veracity you earn as an individual volunteer goes toward your Order. You still have your own Veracity total, but it dependent upon you Order Veracity total whether you qualify for reward that week or not. So, it very beneficial to stay active and to encourage your entire Order to be active in Grey Tavern initiatives to increase your likelihood of receiving rewards.

Start an Order to Gain Rewards

7. What Volunteer Rewards are and are not

Rewards come in gameplay and aesthetical unlockables.

You are not rewarded for your efforts with:

  • Free Tavern food
  • Unlimited access to Grey Tavern resources, locations, etc.

Even in Grey Tavern events, food and other such things are only accessible via purchase.