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The Lorekeepers exist to keep and maintain continuity in Grey Tavern loric presentation across all games, stories, webtoons, etc., as it pertains to a specific local area.

In general, they are responsible for monitoring, keeping track of, and maintaining order so current projects can be created in keeping with the lore and the educational parallels the project focuses on to ensure future projects are possible and can be made more smoothly.

Lorekeepers are expected:

  1. To be meticulous, articulate, and precise in the way they track Grey Tavern lore and in upholding it. 
  2. To keep and make lore more accurate to the real world parallels Grey Tavern games and presentations teach.
  3. Not, at any time, to be creators of lore. Instead, they are consulted on ways to ensure continuity between the realms, planes, and planear dimensions within The Grey Tavern.
  4. Accuracy is key. If you are found letting things slide, you will be reviewed and potentially removed from the Lorekeeper organization.

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Lorekeeper Roles

Librarians (Tier 1)

Librarians are responsible for:

  • Knowing the lore.

  • Communicating, coordinating, and consulting with game makers, Scriveners, and other lore makers and presenters.

  • Checking all lore presentations such as games, stories, web comics, etc for lore accuracy and getting any and all problems- potential to serious- resolved.
    • You will be looking for content or presentations that either mess with current lore or confine educational parallels- real world principles being showcased or taught- too much.

Librarians report to a Catalogers. The Chief Librarian is the second point of contact.

All complaints, issues, or rule negligence should be reported to Sophers.

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Cataloger (Tier 2)

Catalogers are responsible for:

  • Tracking and keeping record of lore presentations within each of the 8 Planear Categories.

  • Organizing games, stories, and other lore presentations into their 8 Planear Categories

  • Coordinating changes or adjustments in lore where all changes need to be made.

  • Consulting with game makers, Scriveners, and other makers of lore presentations when Librarians aren’t available.

  • Manage a group of Librarians.

Questions, concerns, ideas, plans for improvements, etc should be communicated with the Chief Librarian.

Catalogers report directly to the Chief Librarian.

All complaints, issues, or rule negligence should be reported to Sophers.

Chief Librarian (Tier 3)

The Chief Librarian is responsible for:

  • Ensuring lore cataloging, presentations, and continuity is going smoothly.

  • Works with Septimus Jack and Casimir to settle lore.
    • Settle means that if there are points of conflict between game makers or other makers, if dimensions reach a fatal flaw of usability, or other such lore conflicts arise, the Chief Librarian should discuss what should be done with Casimir and Septimus.

  • Leading low cartography- the lore as it pertains to the local area they serve as Chief Librarian over.

  • The 8 Planear Categories.

  • Ensuring all Catalogers and Librarians under them know the lore, how to find lore information, and are presenting it consistently.

Casimir is the primary go to for Chief Librarians as she leads the story and lore efforts.

Septimus Jack is the high cartographer. The Chief Librarian should consult with him if there are questions or concerns about the macro elements of dimensions and planes or the needs of the client or community representative that requested the project. 

All complaints, issues, or rule negligence should be reported to Sophers.