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Adventure Abilities and Stats

Core Character Categories

Given Abilities
Learned Abilities

Ability Boosts


Player Terminology


An Animus is you. You are a traveler of realms, gathering experience and abilities.


A character or individual is the creature your Animus becomes bonded with throughout a Grey Tavern Adventure.


Health is the energies, baseline reserves, and statuses of your wellbeing across various essential categories of your character's composition.

5 Categories of Health



Energy is your ability and stamina with which to act. The four types of energies are Strength, Wit, Awareness, and Will


Strength energy represents your ability to act in a physical way such as striking an enemy with a sword or building a house for your family.


Wit energy is the energy of the mind. It is used to combat attacks against your traditions, habits, or knowledge. This combat can take the form of debates of logic or being presented a new or differing viewpoint through a play, for example.


Awareness energy is your ability to perceive the world around you through your various sense.


Will energy is force for life or the enthusiasm with which you pursue your passions.


Under each Energy type is an Exhaustion bar. This bar is where you can record the rise and reduction your Energies. 

Energy Reductions

When taking an Action:
(Result + Effect) / 2 rounded up = Energy reduction in the Energy type associated with the Strike

When taking a Reaction:
(Resistance + Prevention) / 4 rounded down = Energy reduction in the Energy type associated with the Defense

Energy Recovery

Strength is restored after an Action chain or the length of combat has completed.

Wit is restored by taking a Pondery.

Awareness is restored by taking a Rest.

Will is restored by a Respected Ally taking a Rally Action.


Vitalities are the four reserves types of your character's foundational vitals.


Might is the physical foundation and solidity of your character.


Instinct represents the structural integrity of your ingrained mental processes and memory.


Knowledge is your base ability to gather sensory data and communicate it through the body in order for you to react to situations.


Social is the will power of your character.


Under each Vitality is an Harm bar. This bar is where you can record the rise and reduction your Vitalities. Harm is inflicted on a Vitality when you no longer have Energy of the same type as the Action Approach. All excess damage is dealt as Harm points to the Vitality score of the associated Action Type.

For example, if your Wit has reached 0 and someone performs a Persuasion/Piercing Action on you, the Energy loss instead is taken from your Social.


Wounded is the threshold of Harm that if a character reaches it or goes below it prevents a character from recovering Energy in the associated type. For example, if a character's Injured is 20 and their Might drops to 20, then that character can no longer recover Strength Energy.


Injured is when the body has been Harmed to the extent that any further Actions or Reactions taken inflict Harm.


Broken is when your logic and reasoning no longer make sense even to you. Any further Harm sends you into deeper questioning of what you thought to be true.


Confused is when the you've become so disoriented through manipulation or other types of Harm to your senses that you can no longer accurately perceive your surroundings.


Depressed is when your will power has been reduced to the point that you lack the desire to pursue your own path.