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Each Anaesian Character has their own Hakim.


  • Is the phenomenal abilities associated with each Character.
  • Is what allows Bixis to share their energy- gained through their learnings, both successful and unsuccessful- with their Grand Symbiotes, also known as Dragons or the creatures of Anaes. 

The Guardians want Bixis to learn each Character’s Hakim so the Bixis can traverse the Realms, with permission by the Realm’s creators, to gain experience and understanding. Only the Hakim of each Character can allow a Bixi to interact and learn in a more complete way from a Realm and its creatures.

It is the Hakim that empowers Bixis to bond with creatures of a Realm to experience as they experience and to feel as they feel.


In Anaes, Physis is the Hakim most commonly known as the power of healing and recovery for the body. It is also the power of: 

  • Mending
  • Transference
  • Maintenance
  • Restoration
  • The Hub of Power Capacity

With Physis, the physical body of an Anaesian creature becomes honed in its ability to maintain, restore, and increase its power capacity.

Manifestation of Physis in our World:

Hakim in our world is our natural ability and our habits that keep our bodies healthy. This includes:

  • Learning when to rest
  • What food will give our bodies the greatest amount of energy
  • How to improve our body's recovery rate, physical ability, or power capacity.
Physis is also the power behind our body's power and incredible healing ability.


Memor is the Hakim of actions made precise through repeated and regular practice. This is the Hakim of one's natural and learned skills that are now primarily done through muscle memory or instinct.

Manifestation of Memor in the Realm of Anaes: 

In Anaes, Memor is:

  • Action
  • Precision
  • Commands sent through an Anaesian creature, telling them what action to perform.
  • Efficiency and Proficiency
  • Coordination and Speed

Manifestation of Memor in our world:

Memor in our world is the skills developed through practice. It is in many ways muscle memory.

They are the skills we learn that help us to dribble, then how to run while dribbling, then how to transition from a dribble to sending the ball to the goal or hoop. Each of those actions take work and practice to be able to do and do well.

Memor is not just seen in sports. Things as simple as writing, using a game controller, and walking require the Hakim of Memor to operate.


Percipere is the Hakim of sense and of interpretation of what is perceived. Once this "Character" is acquired, a Bixi can sense the Anaesian Realm as their Bonded creature does.

Manifestation of Percipere in the Realm of Anaes: 

As the Hakim of sense, Percipere is primarily over traits and powers of:

  • Awareness
  • Alertness
  • Connection.

It is through Percipere that Bixis, through their Bonded creature, can connect with the environment of Anaes and perceive the creature of Anaes.

Manifestation of Percipere in our World:

In our world, the Hakim of Percipere is responsible for helping us to make sense of the world around us.

Though it, we are able to

  • See the world around us
  • Hear the wind
  • Enjoy tasty food
  • Feel the softness of fur
Not only do we perceive these things, but Percipere is responsible for helping us to interpret what we are perceiving and make sense of it.


Karo is the Hakim of one’s goal or aim in the moment. Usually Karo is the power of physical motivation.

Manifestation of Karo in the Realm of Anaes: 

Karo is the Hakim that drives physical needs. It is through Karo that Bixis can see their Bonded creature is:

  • Hungry
  • Wants a mate
  • Is thirst
  • Wants to have fun
  • In pain
  • Unhappy

It is through Karo that Bixis help keep their Bonded creature alive and happy while avoiding or overcoming pain and actions that drain energy or motivation. 

Manifestation of Karo in our World:

In our world, Karo is the desire to keep oneself whole and flourishing within the bounds of environmental as well as interpersonal expectations. Karo is about learning how to identify:

  • What we need and want for us to be physical sustained and full of energy
  • How to keep ourselves safe and away from situation that would harm us or be draining for us.
  • What we like and what refuels us


Quaere is the Hakim of the drive to become and be more. Once this "Character" is acquired, a Bixi can use their will power.

Manifestation of Quaere in the Realm of Anaes: 

Quaere is the Hakim of will power and motivation. For Anaesian creatures, it is:

  • The will to act
  • The inner reserve of motivation to start or pursue a goal
  • The innate drive to do what they need to do and to seek to become greater, better, or stronger.

Manifestation of Quaere in our World:

In our world, Quaere is what you tap into when you really want that cookie or simply want your situation to be better and greater.

Quaere is not actually the goal you set. Instead, it is your inner reserve of how much effort and energy you have to give to the pursuit of that goal.

Similarly to Physis, Quaere is your unseen source of energy, motivation, or will that fuels you.


Inhaerens is the Hakim of determination and execution. Once this "Character" is acquired, a Bixi will have the ability to better persevere when things get hard.

Manifestation of Inhaerens in the Realm of Anaes: 

The Hakim of Inhaerens is the power by which Anaesian creatures make:

  • Judgments on a situation
  • Determine a way forward based on what they've experienced in the past

Inhaerens is the power of weighing a circumstance against the importance of a task or mission. This is done to determine how hard a situation will be to execute and whether that outweighs the importance of what needs to be done.

Manifestation of Inhaerens in our World:

In our world, the Hakim of Inhaerens is learned simply through gaining experience and comparing the present to this experience.

You use Inhaerens when you decide you should get rainboots to play in the rain rather than tennis shoes because your tennis shoes got soaked last time.

The Hakim of Inhaerens is essential for helping us to do things in an easier way or knowing when to act even though it's going to be hard.


Socialis is the Hakim of presage. It is the ability to imagine what can or will be.

Manifestation of Socialis in the Realm of Anaes: 

The Hakim of Socialis is used on Anaes to presage the future.

They foresee what can be if a certain path is set out on. Through Socialis, these creatures imagine what their future will be. They imagine the consequences of the now.

Manifestation of Socialis in our World:

Socialis is used to imagine the outcome of a choice.

When you are faced with a situation you've never experienced before, you can use Socialis to identify the factors of the situation and predict whether the outcome will be favorable or not.


Valere is the Hakim of deciding one’s fate. Once this "Character" is acquired, a Bixi will have the ability to set their own objectives.

Manifestation of Valere in the Realm of Anaes: 

It is through the Hakim of Valere that Anaesian creatures aspire to become more.

They see the creatures of greater strength, greater ability, greater foresight, or greater wisdom and seek to become like them.

Manifestation of Valere in our World:

The Hakim of Valere is used to set yourself on a path toward what you'd like to become. This can be asked in several ways:

  • What do you want to be(come)?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How do you want to be?
  • Who do you want to be(come)?