Production of artifacts are on hold and will not be shipped out before Jan 2024

Contribution Path: $10* per Month

Contribution Path: $10* per Month

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* = $10 per Family or Group Member in this Contribution Group

Why Contribute?

Contributions are essential for The Grey Tavern to continue creating and delivering fun, educational, and uniting adventures for families and for communities.

The Grey Tavern offers:

  • Fantasy adventures that encompass behavioral education and goal setting in a truly good and exciting manner
  • Fun, meaningful, and truly enjoyable adventure parents can do with their children

What Contributions mean for You:

  • The rewards listed above
  • We'll release more fun, family and community adventures that bring your family closer together at a faster rate
  • Parents will be nurtured and uplifted through family-centric adventures and behavioral education resources
  • More exciting, meaningful, and educational content and activities the whole family will enjoy

We ask for your patience.

  • Blending education on behavior, goal setting, and fantastical adventure is hair-pullingly difficult. (Yes, our heads will testify to that)
  • Contributions are essential for allowing us to create and deliver fantastical and educational family adventures

    10* per Month

    Grey Tavern Community Adventures are not pay to play. All are welcome to participate in and enjoy them.

    Activity Spell PDFs:

    • The Grey Tavern will print an unlimited number of Activity Spells per month
    • Activity Spells are essential for beginning and setting what activities Bixies do that can transfer energy to their Grand Symbiotes so those creatures have enough energy to be played
    • Can be printed at home, but must be done with a child and parent together.
    • Spells should be filled out at The Grey Tavern so the Spells can be conducted correctly
    • This replaces the Activity Spells offer for the $25 per Month Contribution Path

    Grand Symbiote Tracker:

    • The Grey Tavern will print 2 free Grand Symbiote Trackers per person per month
    • A means for recording energy gained through activities Spells have been made for throughout a week
    • Essential for submitting energy numbers to The Grey Tavern so Grand Symbiotes have the appropriate energy stats for the next week
    • Tracker information should be submitted before Sunday each week
    • This replaces the Grand Symbiote Tracker rewards of the $10 per Month and $25 per Month Contribution Path if you've upgraded

    Master Symbiote Tracker:

    • Same Grand Symbiote Tracker except these track parent's creatures
    • Allows children to see the importance of what parents do and to see the energies their parents get from their activities

    Bixi Totems:

    • A Bixi's behavioral and personality break out as it pertains to the Bixi game
    • Shows a Bixi's motivations, behavioral focuses, strengths, weaknesses, how to work with others, and how others can work with them
    • Helps parents set goals with Bixies that align with their natural motivations
    • Only a Bixi's family and The Grey Tavern see these Totems. The Grey Tavern solely uses it for gameplay and story purposes.

    Grand Symbiote Variant:

    • Unlock a Grand Symbiote Variant- a purchasable aesthetical version of a Grand Symbiote

    Master Symbiote Variant:

    • Unlock a Master Symbiote Variant- a purchasable aesthetical version of a Master Symbiote

    Crown Scale:

    • Powerful tools that retain the life essence - the experience, learnings, and memories - of those who have come before
    • Representational of all of the past being utilized in the present
    • Good idea to find a Crown Scale that best aligns with your own motivations, personality, and inclinations to better preserve and facilitate your own personal powers within the fibers of a Crown Scale
    • Can be attuned to the Totem of an individual on Sundays when The Grey Tavern holds Attuning Activities

    King Scale:

    • Smaller versions of Crown Scales that represent the past being passed to each member of a family
    • King Scales match the style of the Crown Scale selected.
    • 1 King Scale will be given to each Contributor within a family or group under this Contribution Path