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The Purpose of The Grey Tavern

The Purpose of the Grey Tavern

The Grey Tavern is a collection of family-focused, fantastical practices that help in properly nurturing and uplifting parent- and community-led activities centered on a diverse grouping of peoples and backgrounds sharing what they love and cherish with their children.

The Grey Tavern is a religious nonprofit and is not in any way a religion itself. As such, we openly declare: you will not find salvation within our walls, only the means to open dialogue and correspondence with many other participants of various faiths. 

The organization acts as an auxiliary to religions. As an auxiliary religious nonprofit, the Grey Tavern seeks to add unity between religious ideas without the requiring of compromise of faith. We strongly encourage and invite the Buddist to teach the great and positive lessons of Buddhism, the Christians to teach the redemption and grace of Christianity, the Jews to teach the profound and unifying strengths of Judaism, and the Wiccan to teach of the balance and wonders of our world’s mysteries, etc. We strongly encourage no member of any denomination to forsake their primary faith in favor of the broad swaths of Grey Tavern lore or terrestrial practices. Our purpose is to act as an auxiliary arm of learning, communication, and community growth. 

The Grey Tavern is a translation guide between religions. This translation guide is done in the hope of creating a ground on which people with various religious backgrounds can discuss truths and perspectives of their religions without the weight as well as connotative biases and stereotypes religious terms may engender that can hinder open dialogue and cast a shadow over the light of truth. The use of Faeries, Fey, and other fantastical depictions is to provide a fantasy language through which to discuss religious truths.

As a religious nonprofit, the Grey Tavern approaches its roles as an auxiliary religious nonprofit from the perspective that there is a God. In Grey Tavern Lore, God is presented as the Lightbringer, a loving parent of all. As the Lightbringer dwells in a higher existence, a role that extends from and assists the Lightbringer is the Eldest, who works to help participants in the Grey Tavern comprehend the Lightbringer as well as to understand his will and how to align oneself to it.

The Grey Tavern does not seek to introduce religious practices meant to inspire any form or hope of redemption, enlightenment for the greater soul, or to the obtaining of sacred instruction that should be reserved for those professed of higher authority. We are not the light, the truth, nor the way to obtain everlasting relations or relationships with a higher force. In fact, most such practices, with the exception of simple forms of prayer and the sharing of spiritual viewpoints, are forbidden within the walls of the Grey Tavern.

A Message from The Grey Tavern's Founders