• Assembly or Order Assembly: Your team. An Assembly must always consist of at least 4 people. The term Sprite or Order Assembly is the title of your Assembly at the rank of School. Throughout your Assembly’s time within an Order, you descend through three different ranks depending on which of the Orders you participate in. As you do, you are working to unlock and develop your Sprite creature. Each Order has a different Sprite creature to unlock. In order to unlock this creature, your Sprite Assembly must not suffer a Dissolution.
  • School: The umbrella term for all four School-ranked organizations: Guild, Craft, Fief, and Domain. This is the organization above Orders.
  • Order: The umbrella term for all eight Order-ranked organizations as well as Order Assemblies
  • Dissolution: When your Assembly dissolves due to lack of action by all or an Assembly member(s), breaking of rules, or an Assembly member or entire Assembly choosing to leave the Assembly. 
  • Sprite Name: The name chosen by an Assembly to represent them as a whole. Sprite Name refers to the names of all Assemblies within Orders, Schools, Houses, and Clans. At an Order Level, the Sprite is who gives Orders commands to enact.
  • Cryptid Name: The Sprite over an Order gives all within that Order their Cryptid names.
  • Descendancies: An Order organization structure in which the progress of Assemblies move downward as Assemblies refine themselves and their skills into the specialty of their choice.


How to get an Order Started

The creation of an Order is a 2 step process.


  • 4 people to start an Order. Each of the 4 leadership roles must be filled. (See Leadership Roles below)
  • Each Order member must have taken the Animus quiz prior to joining or have taken their age-appropriate Guardian Test
  • Fill out the start an Order form.
  • Receive a link to the Discord


The finalization step should occur between 1 to 2 weeks after the Organization step is complete.

  • A Discord channel will be made for the Order and the Order name will be given 1-2 weeks after their Order form has been completed.
  • Complete a Leave Your Mark to finalize the Order creation process (See Leave Your Mark Below)

Order Adventures

Order adventures are hosted at The Grey Tavern every Friday and Saturday from 5 - Midnight. During these adventures, you play as one of the Primordials– beings of magnificent elemental and spectral power. As you adventure through the treacherous world of mortals, you are tasked with  a single goal: Bring order to the chaos. 

What to Expect

People can set up and are encouraged to set up adventures for their Order based on things they have all or individually have struggled with that week. It is for people to work out their conflicts and ascertain the best path forward in their own lives with the help of their friends in their Orders. 

These are role play adventures that typically take an hour long to play. However, if multiple slots are available or if an Order has reserved a paid donation slot, these can go longer. In these adventures, you are not playing the role of a mortal. Rather you are using all your respective powers and abilities to help influence mortal actions for the better. The Primordials you play are the races you unlock with each Order you are a member of.

Reserve an Adventure Slot

You can schedule an adventure, for now, by tagging Septimus in the Quest channel on The Grey Tavern Discord or by coming into the Tavern to schedule a time. Reservations should be made at least 12 hours beforehand. Each hour from 5 - Midnight is a slot that an Order can reserve.

Order Unlockables and Options

The Order that you select brings with it a particular creature that you play as. Players are allowed to join a number of Orders, however, you should play as the creature belonging to the Order you are playing with for that specific adventure. The magnitude of the power of that creature is dependent upon the rank of that Order. 

Order rank is determined by two factors:

  1. Start Date (Order Creation date based on the Leave Your Mark completion date)
  2. Effort and dedication to your Order versus effort and dedication others show to their Orders

Character Customization

To allow as many as possible to enjoy the Grey Tavern adventure experience, we purposefully make the adventure experience free to play and enjoy. However, as a nonprofit organization, we cannot continue to exist or continue without donations and contributions made by its patrons. 

With that being said, all Order races possess a number of free racial variations that those within their Order can choose. There are also several racial variations that can be purchased, not just for individuals but the variations are also unlocked for the entire Order to have access to. These racial variations do not have any gameplay advantages or disadvantages; however, they do possess canonical different variations in aesthetical elements.

Order Activities and Frequency

What Constitutes an Order activity in general (See Order specifics below for each Order’s activity types)

 In order for an Order Assembly to maintain good standing, they must:

  1. Hold a Order activity at least once a month
  2. The activity must be at least 1 hour
  3. Each of the 4 leaders of the Order were involved and in attendance. Everyone in the Order needs to be invited. These activities can be held physically or digitally, but everyone must still be doing the activity together. 

If an Order does not hold an activity at least once a month, that Order can be challenged for their position in their respective Order type’s power hierarchy. For example, a Generative Order can have their position challenged and taken by a lower Generative Order. 

Leadership Roles


The Master is the leader of your Assembly. This role should be filled with a Fire, if in a Descendancy, or Red, if in an Ascendancy, individual. This is because Fires and Reds excel at seeing the bigger picture. They can see what tasks and matters carry the most weight, influence, and options for success. As such, the Master is the member of your Assembly who holds the responsibility of deciding which tasks your Assembly will move forward with and which you will not. They should of course get the input of the Assembly, but the final decision rests with them.


The Judicator is the judge and rulekeeper. This role should be filled by an Earth, if in a Descendancy, or a Green, in an Ascendancy, individual. This is because Earths and Greens care greatly about rules and structure. As such, they are usually the only ones that will read the rules and keep the group within the structure of success.


The Dean is the role of knowledge and perception in the Assembly. He or she should be a Blue or a Water. This is because those with this Color and Element are usually the most versed in or the most able to acquire knowledge. They tend to quickly find a voice of authority or a method of success quickly that others in the Assembly may have difficulty finding this information or lack a desire to go down an already proven path.


The Lord is the inspirer and often acts as the face of the Assembly. This role should be filled by an Air in a Descendancy and a Purple in an Ascendancy. This is because these individuals excel at interpersonal communication and relationship building. They keep the Assembly’s spirits high. They improve relationships with those who interact with them on Lower Majesties. 


  • No one shall ever reveal the Animus name of any of the leaders of an Order or the Animus names in conjunction with their Cryptid Names. If they do, they will be banned from The Grey Tavern.
  • The Dryad must approve all Revelry activities and verify that an Assembly is qualified for the next Revelry.
  • If you try to uncover or reveal the identity behind a Sprite Name or Cryptid Name, you will be removed from The Grey Tavern server and games. This is done to help protect the identities of all volunteers within The Grey Tavern to better keep the personal information of participants safe.
  • Your Order Assembly must be approved by the Dryad. If your Assembly must acquire a new member, that individual must also be approved by the Dryad. If the individual is not approved. A Dissolution occurs.
  • An Order Assembly should never approach a business leader, local government official, or any community leader in the name of The Grey Tavern.
  • All Order activities an Order participates in should be one everyone in the Assembly wants to do. No one on the Assembly should be/feel coerced, pressured, or manipulated into joining an Assembly. Each member should be excited by the activity and willingly volunteer. 
    • If coercion or manipulation is used to convince a member to join an Assembly, evidence should be presented first to the Assembly’s Judicator, who will judge the situation. Evidence includes pictured evidence and witnesses.
    • If the Judicator is not able to make a decision or his or her judgment is called into question, the Dryad should be contacted by the Order’s Judicator. The person who should contact the Dryad if the Judicator’s judgment is called into question should be the Assembly’s Lord.
  • If disputes arise between or toward any of the leaders of an Order, try first to resolve it within the Order. If that fails, you may go to either Casimir or Septimus to discuss the situation. This can also be the procedure for issues with other Order members outside of leadership roles.

Entering Experience

Experience for an Order is called Veracity. After each activity, the members of an Order will submit their individual experience via the Order Veracity Form which will then be calculated into the Order’s Veracity. The Order Veracity Form is on The Grey Tavern Discord.

There will be an experience ranking, but not immediately.

What are Orders?

Orders are social gatherings of like-minded individuals who want to enjoy or who are already enjoying a particular practice together. Unlike Schools, Order activities do not have to focus on Grey Tavern implementations and aspirations. Likewise, time spent in an Order is the primary way an individual obtains rewards within an Order. 

How Orders Fit Within The Grey Tavern 

Even though Orders don’t and are not required to assist in School capacities, they most definitely can work with and contribute to Grey Tavern initiatives and receive rewards for doing so. Newly established Orders are placed under one of the many School assemblies to remain informed and involved in Grey Tavern activities, particularly School activities and opportunities. Descending down an Order (known as gaining Revelry) by participating in frequent activities together opens up opportunities for an Order Assembly to qualify for future School opportunities. 

How an Order can Join a School 

If they desire to take advantage of these opportunities, an Order can join a School under any of the 4 categories. The type of Order Assembly that you were has little to no bearing on what School you may desire to form. To form an Order Assembly, you must first gather at a minimum of 4 individuals together under one of 4 initiatives: Creation, Acquisition, Defense, and Assimilation. 

Leave Your Mark

While within your Order, the first thing your Order needs to do is undergo the process known as Leaving your Mark. Within the first week of their creation or before creating an Order name for their assembly, Orders should craft an insignia or mark and an Order password. Do not ever tell anyone what your order password is unless they are within your Order. This will be the phrase login quote used on the backend or the password used to gain access to your Order Assembly’s information within The Grey Tavern. We recommend that your password be fairly short, but it can also be a phrase or expression instead of a single word. You’ll want to make it sound cool. 

Your Order, in order to form your mark, must complete one of the approved Grey Tavern challenges. These challenges are never malignant, malicious, or dangerous but are done to help aid the community and to help provide a fun starting memory for the formation of your Order. To leave your mark, one of the following must be selected:

  • A delicious confectionary must be either purchased or made at home. This confectionary must include a small slip of paper that contains all of the ingredients that have gone into it. A picture of the confectionary including the slip of paper must be taken and sent into The Grey Tavern to confirm its creation. The picture should be submitted after the confectionary is delivered. A note then shall be written on the other side of the piece of paper that will say: We are [insert the name of your new Order assembly] and you have incurred our treat/dessert. At the bottom of the note should be written or drawn the Order Assembly insignia. Then, the confectionary should be delivered in a good, mischievous manner to the home of another.
  • Other options available soon

Importance of Where Your Leave Your Mark Endeavor is Delivered

Once your Order has been assembled and created and your mark has been left, the place of your marking should be recorded and then submitted to the Grey Tavern. In future games, this will actually be your starting location as it pertains to how the game works. Additionally Orders, once a mark has been left and a location designated, other Orders then must arrive and pay respect to the new Order with a providing of an offering of tasty treats, friendly song, or something of that nature. There will be future in-game benefits as well as, in the future, Orders that honor a newly formed Order assembly will receive great benefits for assisting a new Order assembly in game, helping them get a good head start into the game. Once an Order assembly has been honored by at least 7 Orders or two weeks have passed, they will attain the second Order assembly rank.

(Revelries coming soon)

Order Types

Generative Order

A Generative Order is an ideal Order for coworkers and friends united in work-related tasks. These Orders are essential for helping to gauge a community’s efforts at increased productivity, betterment of work conditions, as well as goal setting among like-minded, goal-driven individuals. Generative Orders are heavily incentivized to make Grey Tavern donations of materials and resources be it physical or financial. Their secondary incentivization rests on their dedication to a particular craft or effort. We do not recommend Generative Orders be built around fun pastimes and activities as these are their least incentivized attributes. 

Eternal Order

An Eternal Order is an ideal Order for study groups, hobbyists, and those interested in learning together skills each of you have harbored. These Orders are essential for helping to gauge the spread of information and unique interests within the community, allowing greater co-beneficiaries to learn and grow together through shared interests. Eternal Orders are heavily incentivized to participate in group activities where interests are shared, studied, and grown together. Their secondary incentivization is the total amount of time they spend together. And their least incentivized activity is the contribution of resources to The Grey Tavern.

(This is not an Order for people simply getting together to do homework together. The only way this qualifies for this Order is if each individual is participating in the same homework activity, learning and discussing the topics together, and truly learning together, not simply sitting next to each other.)

Experiential Order

An Experiential Order is an ideal Order for those engaged in a pursuit together be that a sports team, hiking group, competitive gaming team, etc. These Orders are perfect for gauging what interests a community enjoys doing together and what they are united in succeeding towards. Experiential Orders are primarily incentivized by the pure time spent with other members of their Order. Their secondary incentivization is getting those involved who are outside of the Grey Tavern with their Order activities. They are least incentivized by their skill or study of their pursuits. This is a great Order for a group of people wanting to launch into or experience something new. 

Endless Order

An Endless Order is an ideal Order for those who desire to help grow The Grey Tavern in their area and to help put together fun and engaging activities for those involved with The Grey Tavern. These Orders help to grow Grey Tavern influence within an area and to help with Grey Tavern initiatives. Endless Orders are heavily incentivized to invite those outside of The Grey Tavern to assist or participate in Grey Tavern activities or activities within their Order. Their secondary emphasis is to help gather or donate resources for Grey Tavern locations and activities. They are least incentivized by pure time spent conducting their activities. A great Order for those who wish to help but don’t have a lot of time. 

The next 4 Orders will be announced at a later date.