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As a Player of Grey Tavern Games

When playing Grey Tavern games, here are 6 things you can expect.

1. Focus on Younger Families

In these beginning stages of The Grey Tavern, its games and related content are focused primarily on younger families with children ages 4-12. 

There is some content made of older age groups in the form of YA games. Games for other age groups and demographics are coming!

Although games focus on young families at this stage, they are fun for others to play, so feel free to give them a try!

2. Educational

All games are designed to teach real world principles through the lens of fantasy. This can range from math to meditation, from cellular biology to cultural mythologies, from psychology to how animals see, and much more.

We work with subject matter experts to create these games and to teach the principles as accurately as possible in a fantastical context.

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3. Play with Others at the Tavern or at Home (multi-player)

Grey Tavern games are meant to be played with others. There will be some single player games made, however, they will only be benefitted if an individual plays other games.

Much of what you unlock in one game unlocked an equivalent or the same object in another, depending on how the games are related. One of the goals with this system is to help people grow together and build their characters along side each other. Though there are elements of competition, the competition is had between Orders rather than between individuals.

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4. Minors cannot Log Experience or Gain Game Unlockables if They aren't in an Order with their Parents

The Grey Tavern is built around families. As such, we reward and incentivize families not necessarily individuals.

Children can participate in games with their friends, siblings, and others, but until their parents (or other legal or parent-like guardians) join the Grey Tavern and create an Order with that child in it, the child cannot receive their unlockables or accumulated Veracity.

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5. Made by Volunteers

Most games are made by volunteers and are overseen by Grey Tavern employees.

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6. Games are Connected and Changes will Occur as The Grey Tavern grows

As stated a little above, all Grey Tavern games are connected. What you unlock in one game will most likely manifest in some form or another in another game.

This system will, of necessity, change and expand as the number of Grey Tavern games grow, the number of patrons grow, and as the company itself expands. As such, there will be changes that will most likely affect your characters and what you've unlocked and gained in the future, but we will strive to keep these changes as painless as possible.

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