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How to Gain Veracity

Veracity is like Experience

Many games use the word experience as the term for numerical growth of a character. We call it Veracity because there will be many ways to gain experience in The Grey Tavern and each will be named differently.

What is Veracity?

Essentially, Veracity is how The Grey Tavern can see:

  • Each volunteer’s individual efforts toward the cause of The Grey Tavern
  • Contribution efforts of Orders
  • Who or what Orders are would be the best candidates for receiving a Grey Tavern project
  • An evaluation of who might qualify to ascend up a Volunteer Role Path
  • Calculate potential rewards for efforts

What are Rewards Associated with Veracity?

Veracity directly feeds into the Dragon Merit Point reward system in which dragons are the rewards.

Essentially, the more Veracity you earn, the higher chance you have of receiving 1 or more Merit points. These Merit points can be spent to unlock 1 Tier 1 dragon. The more dragons you unlock, the more you will be able to combine them. The highest Tier you can merge to is 7.

These dragons and their associated artifacts are ways of showing what and how much you have contributed to The Grey Tavern. 

Learn more about Dragon Merit Points

Veracity Clarifications

  1. Remember, unless you are in an Order, you will not have access to your Veracity or the potential rewards you could gain. Only when you are in an Order can you have access to those things.

  2. The Order Veracity Reports you submit after EVERY activity are used to calculate the Veracity each Order member receives from their efforts every week. The more reports you submit the better.

    Although Veracity Reports are submitted individually, Veracity will be recorded both i
    ndividually and as an Order Veracity Score - the total of all Order members’ Veracity scores accumulated so far.

  3. Doing activities that focus on an Order type’s most beneficial donation types will generally have the greatest effect of increasing Veracity for players and the Order as a whole. For example, a Generative Order benefits the most from reporting tasks that surround the donation type of Goods.

    However, other donation type activities are still encouraged for you to participate in and doing so will only give you more Veracity. Everything you do gives you Veracity.

Note: An Order may have more or less members than shown in this diagram

How to Earn Veracity

1. Fulfilling Order Role Responsibilities

The Order Roles of Master, Judicator, Dean, and Lord have different responsibilities that help an Order to flourish.

Fulfilling and reporting on completed Order Role tasks is a great way to gain Veracity.

2. Fulfilling Volunteer Role Positions

Within the Grey Tavern, each volunteer has the opportunity to serve and be in charge of a certain aspect of The Grey Tavern. Here are some of the roles we offer:

These roles are done individually, though Order members can fill positions in the same volunteer role, if they wish.

However, all Veracity earned through individual volunteer efforts is recorded in an Order and is only beneficial if you are in an Order.

3. Playing Grey Tavern Games

Playing Grey Tavern games is another chance to earn Veracity.

This fun way to earn Veracity is a great way to get to know your Order better as well as other Orders.

Game Available now are:

Either Reserve a time to play at The Grey Tavern or download the games to play at home. (YA games can only be played at the Tavern)

4. Participating in Grey Tavern Activities and Helping Others

Assisting Others

In addition to your own Order Role and Volunteer Service Roles, you can always help others within your Order or out of it with either or both of their roles, when appropriate. 

You should never do the role for them, but you can assist. For example, if there is a Grey Tavern event coming up, you can reach out to the organizer to find ways to assist.

Propose Projects

Do you see a need in The Grey Tavern?

Orders can also propose projects they’d like to do and run in Order to earn more Veracity.

Individuals can also propose projects. However, these must be done with others, so make sure you find at least 3 people to help you.

Here's the Steps for Proposing a Project