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Solaramancy: The Power of Unity

“Empires rise as we join together. Empires flourish as we care for one another.”
- A common Fellowship saying

Magic Summary:

Solaramancy is the language to control and harness Gold magic.

Gold magic or "solaramancy" is a unifying, giving and protective force. It can inspire, bolster clarity amidst chaos, and present visions of future events. Many consider it a guiding magic, one that helps bring individuals together through healing, inspiration and nurturing. Those filled with golden magic are often requested for their guidance and natural aura of unity.

Gold dragons use solaramancy to unite people and causes together. Throughout history, human governments allied under gold dragon leadership have built supreme empires at breathtaking speeds. Many gold dragons act as councilors to nobility, while others seek out those "fallen", in hopes to return them to the light.

Adventurer Relationships:

To those willing to set selfishness aside, solaramancy offers inspiring magic. Leaders, healers and soothsayers gravitate toward the rewarding nature of Gold magic. To be bonded to a Gold dragon is a prestigious and rare honor that they enjoy sharing.

Associated Guilds:

Known Characters Who Practice Solaramancy:

Angarok the Wise


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