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The Fellowship

Guild History

Peacemakers and mediators would feel quite at home among The Fellowship guild. Led by Agnarok, a sage gold dragon, the members of this guild dwell primarily in The Beacon of Light, a beautiful, shining monument erected atop the highest hill in North Forge. There, the citizens of North Forge can approach The Fellowship and ask for their guidance in matters of conflict both great and small, whether they be political or personal. Agnarok himself presides over the more complex issues and ensures that the various factions of North Forge dwell in relative harmony, earning him the moniker “Agnarok the Wise.”

In the days of King Druvaris’s cruel reign, Agnarok himself had made numerous efforts to negotiate between the king and his broken, angry subjects, but all failed. The final attempt to broker peace went particularly poorly; Agnarok was forced from Druvaris’s court and hunted down by his minions with orders to kill. Seeing that compromise would be impossible, Agnarok fled to the hidden Steadfast base, armed with a proposition that he and Miren rally a force to remove the Lord of Ash from his terrible throne. Though he had labored extensively to find another solution, Agnarok knew that this would be the only way to achieve peace in North Forge.

With this strong gold magic influence, The Fellowship view warfare and violence as a last resort; they will exhaust any other means to reach an agreement before turning to a physical solution. As a result, members of The Fellowship are keenly empathetic and excel at viewing issues from both sides. Rather than shying from conflict, The Fellowship embrace it, seeing it as an opportunity to reach a better understanding of others. Their sincere compassion for others also makes members of The Fellowship excellent healers. Kiraa, a young gold dragon, is an expert physician and responsible for instructing the students at Winterhelm Academy in the art of diagnosing and treating various ailments. Despite her age, she has earned her reputation by healing the people of North Forge who have been struck by the mysterious plague that is sweeping the valley.

The Fellowship encourages those who seek to create peace and harmony to join their ranks. Members of The Fellowship work hard to understand others, even if their views differ from their own. The Fellowship guild strives to excel in productive discourse and clear communication, so as to more effectively create mutual understanding.  Besides being strong communicators, Fellowship guild members are excellent listeners; they strive to let others fully explain their thoughts and feelings before speaking. You would do well to join The Fellowship if you attempt to see the best in others and view them as potential friends, rather than possible enemies. Most of all, The Fellowship seeks to uplift and build instead of tear down. You are more than welcome to become a part of The Fellowship if you desire help North Forge become unified through mutual respect and amity.

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