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Lunamancy: The Moon's Edge

Lunamancy Rune

 "I am light that cuts through shadow. Your wrongs are known. As is your end."
 - Maldoc the Vigilent

Magic Summary:

Lunamancy is the study and mastery of silver magic.

Silver magic or Lunamancy is a power formed in antithesis to darkness. Where darkness deceives and blinds, Lunamancy lights and provides sight. Wherever darkness spreads its corruption, Lunamancy cuts and purifies. When darkness brings its most fowl of plots or unholy of offences, silver magic provides the just with eyes to judge and the edge to execute.

 Long before mortals walked Anaes, Silver Dragons fought the Ancient Evils using the silver light of lunamancy to drive them back to places of forbidden acknowledgement. As time continued, Silver Dragons have stood as sentinels against those who listen to the corrupting whispers of their olden adversaries. Creatures of cunning judgement and unwavering resolve, the silver dragons of Anaes act as defenders of the innocent and lords of the virtuous. Many act in a military capacity, while others wander the world in search of threats to dispatch.

Adventurer Relationships:

Silver magic calls to the courageous and the resolute. Knights, demon hunters, and judicators often seek out a bond with a Silver Dragon in hopes of gaining a greater capacity to expel evil and vanquish creatures of the darkness.

Associated Guilds:

Associated Characters:

Miren the Liberator
Maldoc the Vigilant

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