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Pactumancy: The Terror of the Balance

"Never make a promise you do not intend to keep."
- Order of Balefire saying

Magic Summary:

Pactumancy is the magic that controls and harnesses the energy of Balefire.

Balefire magic, or "Pactumancy" is a powerful and rare magic to possess. Pactumancy literally means, the magic of pacts. Though it might not seem like much on the surface, Pactumancers are among the most powerful magic users in Anaes. Pactumancy forges powerful bonds between individuals. In its simplicity, it is the magic that binds people to their promises. If pacts are violated by a party, the other party receives... compensation... in the form of fiscal rewards or even energy drawn directly from the violator's life force. Pactumancy is not to be used lightly.

Balefire dragons are not to be trifled with. Each is an expert of pactumancy and if you are not careful, may inadvertently fall into a pact without realizing it. Choose your words wisely when speaking with them. Most Balefire dragons seek out populated areas to practice their magic and to find allies/debtors. Balefire dragons live for an unnaturally long time as they draw upon the energy of those who have not honored their deals.


Balefire is usually found within individuals with cunning and careful minds. These individuals seek out Balefire dragons in hopes of learning their tenets.

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The Magpie


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