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Electromancy: The Sparks of Inginuity

"I am not saying your failure is certain. I am only pointing out that 346 of 347 possible futures result in your armies obliteration."
- Bartholomew, Chief Dean of Winterhelm Academy.

Magic Summary:

Electromancy is the magical dictation over the power of copper magic.

Copper Magic or "Electromancy" is extremely dangerous... for the unintelligent. When the mundane think of Electromancy or the power of electricity, they first imagine hurling super heated plasma, arching over long distances to vaporize a foe. Electromancy is so much more. Electromancy is innovation; electromancy is imagination; electromancy is unlocking the mind! Electromancy is bringing life to the machine! Electromancy is fingering through the strands of time itself.

Copper dragons are the lords of electric craft. They use copper magic to bring new inventions to both aid and threaten mortal kind. You will often find a copper dragon leading academies of thought or guilds of artificers. Their minds are so used to electromancy, that they often exist in a perpetual state of dual mindedness. Some can even perform three separate tracks of thought at the same time. They avoid physical combat, preferring to eliminate potential threats from afar before conflict even begins.

Adventurer Relationships:

Artificers, Wizards, and Truth Seekers seek out Copper dragons for an opportunity to not only learn new spells, but to develop their own bodies and minds to perceive reality in a higher form of efficiency and understanding. Such should beware. A copper dragon will not look kindly on those who waste their time. However, no other dragon can help you unlock the great vastness of the arcane spectrum like a copper dragon tutor can.

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Associated Characters

Bartholomew the Time Seer
Igregrim the Mad

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