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Pyromancy: Harnessing The Deep Flame


"Pyromancy packs a powerful punch!"
- Arzu

Magic Summary:

Pyromancy is the magic that controls and harnesses volcanic energy.

Volcanic Magic or "Pyromancy" is employed by those who have no place for subtly. They prefer brute force & overwhelming offense over sneaking around. They enjoy feeling like the most powerful person in the room and would be happy to demonstrate the truth of that feeling. Pyromancy is used to cast fire as well as heavily manipulate the strong emotions of others.

Volcanic dragons naturally have a strong connection to pyromancy. They use their magic to raise great armies and to build massive fortresses, where they forge renown weapons of war. They use pyromancy to empower their forces and to elevate their fighting spirit. Volcanic dragons rain down horrible fire upon their opponents, while their armies push up the line.

Adventurer Relationships:

Warlords, fire casters, and even politicians pursue volcanic dragons, seeking to gain favor in their eyes in exchange for powerful spells and formidable knowledge.

Associated Guilds:


Associated Factions:

The Obsidian Empire

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