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North Forge Chapter I: Part 1 Quests

Primary Quests:
Chapter I Quest: Finding A Cure
Click Here: Finding A Cure
Rewards: 6 Experience Points, 2 Titles

Chapter I Quest: Fire & Straw
Click Here: Fire & Straw
Rewards: 5 Experience Points, 6 Titles, 1 Dragon Item

Side Quests:
Chapter I Quest: Missing Professor
Click Here: Missing Professor
Rewards: 3 Experience Points, 3 Titles, 1 Dragon Item

Chapter 1 Quest: Safety Inspection
(Returning Soon)
Rewards: 4 Experience Points, 3 Titles, 1 Dragon Item

Chapter 1 Introduction

North Forge stands in an uneasy time of peace. A string of victories along the northern border led by Commander Miren has pushed back the forces of the Obsidian Empire even further into their territories. Whispers of insurrection and civil unrest within the Burning Lands offer further hopeful signs of future Union victories.

However, The Union is not without problems. The High Court has grown increasingly agitated with the workings of the Order of Bale and have raised repeated concerns regarding their meddling in local affairs. The Fellowship has exhausted much of its resources doing the best it could against a horrible plague that has afflicted all of Anaes. The Grand Continuum continues to invest all its time preparing WinterHelm Academy for the return of its many learners. All the while, The Steadfast continue their vigilant watch over North Forge's borders. 

Your Adventure Begins

With the call for aid sent out by the various guilds, adventurers are needed to aid the peoples of North Forge. Do you answer that call? 

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