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Questing Details

Interactive Quest
This quest involves character interaction elements in all quest specified locations. Please be courteous to all characters you encounter on your adventure.

Location Hours:
Old Raven Inn (June's Place)
6:30am-6:00pm (Most Days)

Silver Mountain Gems & Artifacts (Alpine Jewelers)
10:00am-7:00pm (Most Days)

Quest Information

Quest Story Introduction:
Not long after the Steadfast soldiers had been cured from the their curse, you receive a letter from an unknown hand:

Adventurer Quest:
~Fulfill the task given to you at the Old Raven Inn.

Heroic Quest:
~Complete Adventurer Quest Objectives. 
~Choose a guild representative to divulge your secrets to.

Dragon Lord Quest:
~Complete Adventurer Quest Objectives.
~Instead of divulging your secrets to a guild. Take the burden of this secret upon yourself.

Where to Start:
You should begin your quest by entering the Old Raven Inn. Go to the attendants and follow the note's instructions. Follow the directions of the attendant.

When does the quest end?
Once those at the Old Raven Inn give you a very important choice, you need to decide who you are going to inform about the secret item. You can do so in the "Fire & Straw" Quest Report.

Continue Only After Completing Quest

Fire & Straw Quest Report

Quest Conclusion:
A decision has been made. Your lot has been cast. Only time will tell the outcome of your choice.

Reward Notes:
The following rewards can be acquired from "Old Raven Inn".
Purchasable Reward Link: Quest Rewards

 - "The Confidant" Adventurer Title
 - "The Truthful" Heroic Title
 - "The Fire Hunter" Heroic Title
 - "The Fire Seeker" Heroic Title
 - "The Mother of Fire" Dragon Lord Title
 - "The Father of Flame" Dragon Lord Title

Dragon Items
 - Volcanic Wyvern Egg

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