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Questing Details

Interactive Quest
This quest is interactive ONLY during haunted hours.

Quest Available:
October 1st - October 31st

Location Hours:
BaleFire Prison (Not Haunted)
5:00pm-10:00pm (Weekdays)
5:00pm-7:00pm (Fri-Sat)

BaleFire Prison (Haunted)
7:00pm-12:00am (Fri-Sat)

Quest Requirements:
Though it is not required, we recommend completing the "On Behalf of Balefire" Side Quest before beginning this quest.

Quest Information

Quest Introduction:
With many of the soldiers of North Forge occupied with defending the city from external threats, The Steadfast Leader, Commander Miren, is seeking brave adventurers to help her find, and if possible close, the exit-ways of BaleFire Prison. Someone or something has weakened the magic barriers of three of the prison's eight secret exit-ways.

To find and identify which secret exit-ways have had their magic weakened, you must first travel to BaleFire Prison and enter into the prison's dangerous labyrinth. You must then move quickly in search of all 8 secret exit-ways. These secret exit-ways open up to the southern farmlands and do not include the entrance or exit that lead to the main courtyard. Additionally, these exit ways are marked with a protective ward that looks like this:

A magic ward that is functioning properly will be green. However a magic ward that has been corrupted will be red.

The wards will also include a number just above the symbol. This ward number is to help distinguish the ward from the others.

Adventurer Quest:
~Go to Balefire Prison
~Enter the Labrynth
~Find and record the number of at least 1 exit way that has been corrupted.
~Record your findings in the Locking The Gates Quest Report

Heroic Quest:
~Find and record ALL the numbers of each secret exit way that has been corrupted.

Dragon Lord Quest:
You must first acquire the "Restore Contract" Spell to be able to complete this quest. 
~Use the "Restore Contract" spell on each corrupted ward to restore each magic barrier.

Where to start:
~Depart from North Forge and make your way to BaleFire Prison (The Straw Maze).

~Once you've arrived at BaleFire Prison, make you way into the Courtyard and secure yourself entrance into the Labyrinth.
~Enter The Labyrinth.

Additional Quest Elements: 
If you have the "Pact Remembrance" Spell, you may use it if you come into contact with any Wraiths. This should stun the creature for a short time. Be cautious as some Wraiths may push through their stunned condition quickly. Some may even seem relatively unaffected. 

Do not leave through the secret exit-ways.

Do not walk around the outside of the labirynth.

Continue Only After Completing Quest

Locking The Gates Quest Report

Quest Conclusion:

Adventurer Conclusion:
With several escape-ways identified, the Prison Overseer is informed of where the breaches are located. This should help slow the flow of wraiths through the openings. 

Heroic Conclusion:
With all the escape-ways identified, the Prison Overseer is informed of where the breaches are located. This should drastically slow the flow of wraiths through the openings.

Dragon Lord Conclusion:
With all the escape-ways identified and the enchantments reinforced, the wraiths within the prison are now trapped. Commander Miren has heard of the initiative you've taken.

Reward Notes:
The following rewards can be acquired from the "Old Raven Inn" or from the "Balefire Prison Courtyard".
Purchasable Reward Link: Quest Rewards

Title Cards
 - "The Jailer"
 - "The Rune Seeker"
 - "The Pact Keeper"

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