A New Type of Adventuring

The North Forge immersive experience in Rexburg transforms everyday normalities into mythic adventures. The small town of Rexburg is a perfect enviroment to harbor a new form of exploration, problem solving and adventure that we call quests. Each quest provides a list of fun objectives that helps you unfold the mysteries of the northern fantasy town of North Forge. The fantasy smiths of the North Forge immersive experience try our hardest to facilitate four primary ingredients to make your adventures unforgettable:

Story-Based Exploration
A Passionate Community
Exciting Achievements
Actions Have Effects

Story-Based Exploration: Become a Part of the Story of North Forge

Dive deep into the lore of North Forge. As you go on your quests, you will meet those within your community who will aid your journey by providing you with secrets and items that will help you on your future adventures. You will begin to understand the forces of North Forge and uncover the abilities and information you will need to continue to make your way deeper and deeper into the plots that are unfolding around the town.

Starting Quests:
Your Story Begins (5 experience, 2 titles)
Enter North Forge (3 experience, 2 titles)
Join the Community (6 experience, 3 titles)

Current Quests:
List of Current Quests

Our only advice... the more you learn about the citizens of North Forge and the more you invest in the forces around you, the more doors you will unlock to the mysteries you seek.

The History of North Forge
Jump into the story by learning the basic history of North Forge. This will help you gain a basic knowledge of many of the events that have led up to the point of your first adventure.
Learn About the History of North Forge

The Guilds of North Forge
North Forge is currently ruled by a collection of powerful guilds known as "The Union". Learn about the guilds within the walls of North Forge. Each guild has its own agenda that could shape the future of North Forge for better... or for worse.
The Steadfast
The Fellowship
The High Court
The Grand Continuum
The Deep-Fire Accord
The Order of Bale

A Passionate Community: Form a Party of Like Minded Adventurers!

Most North Forge Quests can be accomplished alone, however doing a quest with a party of like minded adventurers is very fun and helps build a strong community among the ranks of North Forge. We've made it easy for you to connect with other adventurers in your community. Here are a few ways how:

North Forge Adventures - North Forge Facebook Page 
Stay up to date on official North Forge quests, announcements, and updates.
Follow the Page

North Forge: Adventurers Group - North Forge Facebook Group
Find a group to adventure with, post pictures of your adventures, discuss theories, etc.
Join the Group

North Forge: Adventure Coordination & Discussion - Discord Server
Easily discuss quest coordination, meet others in the North Forge community through text or voice channels.
Join the Server

Guild Halls & Taverns
These are businesses around North Forge where you can grab a snack, relax and meet with other adventurers, discuss quests with North Forge citizens and obtain North Forge items.
Find a Guild Hall (Need to Build Page)

Exciting Achievements: Obtain Mythic Rewards for Your Efforts

As you complete quests, you will unlock achievements. These achievements can be obtained to show your efforts to the other adventures and citizens of North Forge. These rewards take various forms.

Completing a quest and submitting your quest results gives you experience points. These experience points add up, unlocking new abilities, items, and quest opportunities as you progress in your journey.

Your Title
As you complete a quest, you will unlock a special title. These titles can be selected and used in conjunction with your name, providing citizens and other adventurers a better understanding of what you stand for and what you've achieved. Not all titles are equal however. Accomplishing more difficult tasks will unlock rarer titles. Physical copies of these titles can be obtained from guild halls.
Find A Guild Hall (Need to Build Page)

Progressing through quests and obtaining experience points allows you to unlock and purchase items. These items allow you to go on exclusive guild quests, obtain rare titles, use exclusive guild abilities and progress through the guild ranks. Once an item is unlocked you can purchase that item at a local guild hall or purchase it online at The Grey Tavern store and have it delivered to your an address within North Forge.
Find A Guild Hall (Neet to Build Page)
The Grey Tavern - Online Store

Actions Have Effects: North Forge Changes With Your Decisions

Every quest you accomplish leaves an impression upon the town. Great acts of evil, if unmatched by adventurers of great good, will lead North Forge down a darker road. Noble deeds, if cankered by evils touch, will lead the town of North Forge toward success and prosperity. The decisions of the adventurers and the balance of the guilds will move the story of North Forge down different paths.