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Questing Details

Interactive Quest
This quest involves character interaction elements in all quest specified locations except Mad Fruit Infirmary. Please be courteous to all characters you encounter on your adventure.

Location Hours:
Sunlight Potions & Pub (K-Lani's)
12:00pm-10:00pm (Most Days)

Dragon Tamer Tavern (Game Pulse)
3:00pm-10:00pm (Most Days)

Mad Fruit Infirmary (Kiwi Loco)
11:00am-11:00pm (Most Days)

Quest Information

Quest Introduction:
A group of Steadfast soldiers stationed at the old Obisidian Empire outpost, known as Hunter's Bane fortress, have come under a strange curse. Details of their misadventure are being kept quiet, however it has been voiced around the town that the soldiers have been brought back to North Forge and are recovering in the Mad Fruit Infirmary. 

Professor Willet, the head of potions at WinterHelm Academy, has sent you a letter. It reads:

Adventurer Quest:
~Order the correct potion to dispel the curse afflicting the Steadfast soldiers.
~Fill Out the "Finding A Cure" Quest Report.

Heroic Quest:
~The potion is needed quickly. Order the correct potion to dispel the curse afflicting the Steadfast soldiers within 1 hour of starting.

Where to Start:
You should begin your quest by entering Sunlight Potions & Pub (K-Lani's). Go to the front desk and explain the situation.

When Is The Quest Complete?
The quest concludes once you have ordered the correct potion to dispel the curse afflicting the Steadfast soldiers.

Continue Only After Completing Quest

Finding A Cure Quest Report

Quest Conclusion
With the correct potion identified, the alchemists of Sunlight Potions & Pub were able to brew the correct formula. A batch of elixir was sent to the Mad Fruit Infirmary, leading to the resuscitation of the Steadfast Guards and an abolishment of the curse they had found themselves under. 

However, it became aparent that all was not well. Shortly after their curses had been removed, the silver dragon and lieutenant-commander of the Steadfast, Maldoc the Vigilant, removed the soldiers from the infirmary before they could give an account of what had occurred at Hunter's Bane Fortress. The soldiers were brought back to the barracks within WinterHelm Academy before rumors could be generated. 

Later that day, you receive a letter from the desk of Maldoc's own page:

Reward Notes:
The following rewards can be acquired from "Old Raven Inn".
Purchasable Reward Link: Quest Rewards

 - "The Assistant" Adventurer Title
 - "The Curse Breaker" Heroic Title

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