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The Deep Fire Accord

Guild History

Not all who dwell in North Forge are loyal to the Union. There are those who secretly plot and wait for the return of the Obsidian Empire. They hone their weapons of war and look forward to the day when Druvaris, their Buried King, will awaken. They are the Deep Fire Accord.

After King Druvaris’s demise, the Union banished the majority of his followers to the Burning Lands. However, a group of Obsidian Empire sympathizers managed to remain among the people in in North Forge, keeping their true loyalties a secret. As of now, the Deep Fire Accord has no formal leadership, making them more of a disorganized crowd of rabble rousers than an official guild. Though a few members at a time will engage in small terrorist disturbances, the Deep Fire Accord is not viewed as a serious threat. But as of late, there have been whispers of the return of Caladarin, a loyal lieutenant to Druvaris whose reputation and military experience would be enough to organize the Deep Fire Accord and make it a force to be reckoned with.

But for the time being, members of the Deep Fire Accord are focused on locating and recruiting those would see the return of the Buried King’s reign. They believe that those with the most power deserve to rule; this makes them particularly disgusted by The Fellowship’s mission to unite all Anaesans in camaraderie and goodwill. The Deep Fire Accord especially favor the volcanic magic of the days of Druvaris, believing it to be the superior form of magic due to its destructive capabilities. However, they are forced to practice their craft covertly, given the strong stigma against fire magic in North Forge.

Instead of relying on logic or a sense of obligation, followers of the Deep Fire Accord tend to make decisions based on their emotions. They follow their hearts more than their heads and often act without much prior consideration. Because the Deep Fire Accord are well acquainted with the power of their own emotions, they are experts in manipulating the feelings of others; they excel in stirring people to action and make for highly influential leaders and impressive warriors. Though they crave power, members of the Deep Fire Accord are intensely loyal to each other and to the leaders who show great strength. If you are primarily motivated by ambition and are unashamed to take power when it’s within reach, you would do well to join the ranks of the Deep Fire Accord.

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