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The Order of Bale

Guild History

When the Obsidian Empire retreated, the Union and the High Court were not the only groups to come to power. Perhaps the most mysterious of the guilds of North Forge, The Order of Bale is not for the weak-willed or faint of heart. A secretive society of loose associates, The Order of Bale is made of the likes of crime lords, witches, and tricksters. Members of the Order of Bale do not often mix with the populace outside of their own society and wait for others to seek them out before engaging with them. These devious folk operate much like an animal trap: they wait for their prey to approach them. 

Associates of The Order of Bale are particularly dangerous because they will never outright lie; instead, they are incredibly careful with their words, often spinning complex verbal traps for the unwitting. The members of this guild prefer to keep themselves out of politics, neither supporting the Union nor the Obisidian Empire. In fact, they will lend their abilities to just about anyone…for a price. The Order of Bale are willing to grant wishes and make bargains, but the unlucky souls who do not uphold their end of the deal are sure to experience terrible consequences.

Following the Creed of Balefire, members of The Order of Bale practice a potent form of dark magic. Besides creating cunning magical pacts, the more powerful among their order are rumored to be able to bind souls to their will. Some say that a dragon among their ranks can even leech the lifeforce from magical beings to render him immortal. Some argue that he no longer resides in North Forge but maintain that he is called Balgrave. 

Those who wish to commit themselves to The Order of Bale must do so with caution; you may gain great abilities, but the potency of the dark magic you employ will always be equal to the cost of using it. Though they are generally unwelcoming to outsiders, if you are willing to make sacrifices to gain power, you may yet find favor within the Order of Bale.

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