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The Grand Continuum

Guild History

Harboring artificers, potion makers, and inventors, the guild of The Grand Continuum is often overlooked because of the modest nature of its members; in reality, they played an absolutely crucial role in dethroning King Druvaris and rebuilding North Forge. Originating from the southern region of Anaes, The Grand Continuum was recruited by Agnarok and The Fellowship to aid in the coup against Druvaris. With little material at their disposal, these craftsmen were still able to create devices that enhanced the magics of the Union and allowed them to finally overcome Druvaris’s incredibly potent volcanic magic. The Grand Continuum were instrumental in constructing the prison that still holds the fallen Lord of Ash.

After overthrowing Druvaris, The Grand Continuum built the golden Beacon of Light and rendered it impermeable to fire or volcanic magic, both a literal and metaphorical symbol of the Union’s strength against evil. As a token of gratitude for their instrumental role in the rebirth of North Forge, Miren entrusted The Grand Continuum with the running of Winterhelm Academy. Eldrys, an eccentric yet brilliant copper dragon, takes great pride in the Academy and his role as Headmaster. He is heavily involved in the progress of his students’ learning, ensuring that they foster their individual magic as well as their skills in combat.

In addition to being master builders, The Grand Continuum are extremely creative. With their keen intellect, they are able to build incredibly innovative magical devices. In fact, they will often harness electricity to speed up their mental processes, allowing them to accomplish numerous projects in a short time. Because of their devotion to learning, the most esteemed members of The Grand Continuum serve as professors at Winterhelm Academy. They make excellent teachers, as they have mastered the virtue of patience in the learning process.

The Grand Continuum welcomes a diverse group of people, whether they like to tinker and work with their hands or simply devote themselves to improving their magical knowledge. However, they have no tolerance for the foolish or lazy. Members of The Grand Continuum are unwaveringly diligent as they constantly strive to improve their efforts. You would do well among The Grand Continuum if you value knowledge and the development of your talents. Creative individuals would particularly enjoy working alongside these craftsmen. Come and join The Grand Continuum to employ your hands and your mind in the service of the Union.

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