Production of artifacts are on hold and will not be shipped out


All artifacts offer in-game benefits. See below for their specific benefits. All are purchasable at anytime at Grey Tavern locations or website. However, there are in-game ways to earn the artifact at a reduced price.

Dragon Artifact

Rune Artifacts (Coming Soon)

Dragon Artifacts

Seed Scales

Seed scales fluctuate in their benefits for a player according to that player's gathered experience from the week prior. For example, if the previous week you took more Wit and Instinct damage, this week you may have buffs in those categories because you've better prepared yourself to defend those stats. However, you may lose bonuses to your Will as they were not needed the previous week.

How to Earn a Seed Scale

Seed scales are earned when you as an Animus:

  • Purchase a pre-made Seed Scale in a Grey Tavern location or website.
  • Go on and complete a quest for a Host and the Host offers you a version of their scale. These Seed Scales are attuned to the Host and their abilities (more coming on this soon). When you receive this scale, it comes in a base color because it also needs to attuned to you. The Grey Tavern can help you attune your Seed Scale on Sundays where you can paint your scale as you wish. Scales earned in this manner get a percentage off. (Percentages coming soon. For now, ask Host if this occurs). 

Dragon Crown Scales

Abilities given by Crown Scales will be announced in the next Season.

Teeth and Claws

Teeth and Claws give you the ability to influence fate. A Tooth or Claw can be imbued with a certain ability, skill, or item of your choice. As you enter different realms to play new individuals in various realms and environments, the Tooth or Claw alters fate so you can have the imbued thing.

For example, if you love fighting with rapier, the Tooth or Claw will influence fate so your character in this realm is taught how to use a rapier or one is found among the wealth of king's treasure.

One way or another, the imbued thing will be granted. However, if that realm simply has no rapiers, using the example, or no metals with which to make rapiers, then the Tooth or Claw will not work in that specific realm.

How to Earn a Tooth or Claw

A Tooth or Claw is earned when your character has died. It should be noted that killing one's character does not count.


Eggs are the power of your lineage. They are earned when you choose a mate in a realm.

The Egg is a representation of all the powers and abilities the children and posterity of that marital union possesses. The Egg captures the energies of the actions, thoughts, and desires of your character's posterity and make it available for your use.

How to Earn an Egg

They are earned when you choose a mate for your character.


The Hatchling represents the powers gathered by the Egg that you are choosing to use in your adventure.

When within a Grey Tavern location, the Egg can become a dragon that you can interact with and role play with. When you leave the Grey Tavern to adventure, the dragon and egg are absorbed into you.

How to Earn a Hatchling

A Hatchling is earned when you play a descendant of your character.


Miniatures are representations of creatures you have encountered or experienced during your adventures. They are beings or creatures that you have interacted with and whose soul is cosmically your friend.

These animals are attuned with to other dimensions when you adventure. They can help your character in small, little ways throughout your adventures.

How to Earn a Miniature

Miniatures are earned whenever your character interacts with a creature he or she wishes to be friends with.