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Character Actions

Actions are types of actions taken against someone else and the Approaches in which those actions are enacted.

Action Types
Action Approaches
Action Chains
Record Favored Attack Strings
Number of Approaches per Action Type
Action Type + Action Approach Examples

Action Types

Action Types are broad categories of ways to inflict damage on an target opponent.


An Assault Action is a physical action, usually an attack, on the body of an opponent.


A Reason Action is an action against the reasoning, logic, or beliefs of another to make them appear unfounded or to buoy them up.


An Infiltrate Action is used to remain undetected by a target opponent's Awareness or to overwhelm the opponent's senses.


A Persuasion Action is used to align a target's will with yours through means such as coercion or simply winning the trust of the target.

Action Type Elements

Each Action Type has an associated Attempt, Result, and Vitality.


Attempt is your character likelihood based on natural ability to inflict damage on a target. Attempt is part of the calculation to determine if a successful action against a target was made. 

Action Success = Action Type Attempt + Action Approach Strike + D20 roll


There are three types of criticals. Criticals are acquired through Action rolls and added to damage calculations.

  1. Double Damage
    Damage is doubled when your Action Success is equal to or more than 10 over the target opponent's Reaction Score. 
  2. Quadruple Damage
    Damage is quadrupled when your Action Success result is equal to or more than 20 over a target opponent's Reaction Score.
  3. Quadruple Damage or take their Exhaustion Bar to 0
    This choice is presented when your Action Success result is 30 or more over a target opponent's Reaction Score.


Result is the natural ability of your character to afflict damage with a specific Action Type. It is part of the calculation for damage.

Damage = (Reaction Type Resistance of Action's target + Reaction Type Prevention of Action's target) - (Action Type Result of Action Taker + Action Approach Effect of Action Taker)

Associated Vitalities

The Vitalities associated with each Action Type indicate which Vitality Type is Harmed when a target opponent's  affected Energy Type that would be Exhausted but is at 0. (See Harm)

Action Approaches

Action Approaches are the methods of enacting an Action Type.


A Cutting Approach is to slice or cut with the intention of causing physical or metaphorical bleeding. It is also used to gain hold or control over a target.


A Piercing Approach is used to sever. Whether the severing to the spinal column, to the structure of someone's argument, or someone's passions, Piercing Approaches target the most vital points of a target.


Battering Approaches disorient an opponent. The force of the Action Type rattles the target enough that their reactions are slowed.


Shredding Approaches maim their target. The goal of a Shredding Approach is leave nasty wounds and scars that decrease the targets desire to continue to fight and sometimes even to engage in a similar encounter ever again.

Action Approach Elements

Each Action Type has an associated Strike, Effect, and Energy.


Strike represents the likelihood of your character to successfully inflict damage through that Approach to a specific Energy Type of a target.  A Strike can be of any Approach Type and does not have to be of the same color as the Action Type.

For example, if an Assault Action Type was selected, you don't have to choose a Cutting Approach. A Battering Assault, a Piercing Assault, or a Shredding Assault are also equally viable choices according to how you would like to enact your Assault.

Action Success = Action Type Attempt + Action Approach Strike + D20 roll


Effect represents the training your character has received in that Approach style. It is part of the calculation for damage.

Damage = Action Type Result + Action Approach Effect

Associated Energies

The Energies associated with each Action Approach indicate which Energy Type is Exhausted when a target opponent is damaged.

Action Chains

Action Chains are the combat or encounter. They are all the Action Types and Approaches you take in a single combat.

Record Favored Attack Strings

Attack Strings are your favored combinations of Action Types and Action Approaches. For example, you may find the most success in a Cutting Persuasion Action. This would be a favored String if you only have one Approach per Action Type. If you have three Approaches, your String might be a Cutting Persuasion followed by a Shredding Persuasion and finishing with an Awareness Persuasion.

With Attack Strings, your Approaches in a single Action must all be paired with the same Action Type.

Record your favored Attack Strings on the page below the Action section on your character sheet.

The Number of Approaches per Action Type

The number of Approaches per Action Type is according to your Society or Station, whichever is lower.

If a player has enough energy, a single Attack String may be performed multiple times in a single Action Chain.

Action Type + Action Approach Combination Examples

Cutting Assault

Attacking an opponent physically with an axe.

Piercing Assault

Attacking an opponent physically with a spear.

Battering Assault

Attacking an opponent physically with a hammer.

Shredding Assault

Attacking an opponent physically with a sword.

Cutting Reason

You chop up someone's argument into its various segments and attack them one by one.

Piercing Reason

You attack a target's weakest habit or debate point directly.

Battering Reason

You explain why the stimuli that created a habitual behavior in a target was a poor stimuli, thus disorienting them.

Shredding Reason

You disagree with an opponent's reasoning as a whole, but instead of debating it, you attack his or her character.

Cutting Infiltration

Raking your fingernails down a chalkboard. It cuts into the senses of the target in a way that focuses every sensor on the sound, cutting away the rest.

Piercing Infiltration

You sneak behind the guards until you are right behind them. They haven't noticed you, yet you have pierced their senses and are now able to do anything you wish to them.

Battering Infiltration

You make as much noise as possible, overwhelming your opponent's sense of hearing.

Shredding Infiltration

You weaken an opponent's ability to sense vibrations so you can sneak by them undetected.

Cutting Persuasion

You talk about your target being untrustworthy to those around him or her, cutting the target off from social support.

Piercing Persuasion

You remark on someone's physical attribute or habit that they are insecure in.

Battering Persuasion

You badger your friend to help you with a project until he or she agrees.

Shredding Persuasion

You comment on the pain and motivations behind a villain's action, using empathy and connection to help him change.