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Quest Introduction:
The community of North Forge is warm and welcoming. Most of the quests of North Forge can be conducted alone, but it is far more fun to go on your adventures with others. Here are a few ways to help you with this!

Adventurer Quest:
~Do at least two of the following:
 - "Like" The North Forge Adventures Facebook Page
 - "Join" The North Forge: Adventurers Group Facebook Group
 - "Join" The North Forge: Adventure Coordination & Discussion Discord server

~Do one of the following:
 - Find a group to adventure with on the North Forge: Adventurers Group Facebook group.
 - Find a group to adventure with on the North Forge: Adventure Coordination & Discussion Discord server
 - Write a quick introduction on the North Forge: Adventure Coordination & Discussion "Introduction" channel

When you've completed the Quest, fill out the Join The Community Quest Report:
Join the Community Quest Report

Heroic Quest:
~Complete ALL optional Adventurer Quest objectives before filling out the quest report.

Quest Conclusion:
Now you have a few places to go when you're looking for a group to adventure with!

PLEASE be careful who you travel with, especially if you don't know them. Do not accept rides from adventurers you do not know and stick to public areas as you travel.

Quest Completed

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