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What are Grey Taverns and Grey Tavern Quests?

The Grey Tavern

The heavy wooden door creaks open, flooding the dim common room of the Grey Tavern with natural light. When the door shuts, the soft amber light within the common room is quickly adjusted to revealing patrons relaxing alone, talking in low, amiable tones with cohorts, or families enjoying a treat together. The draping curtains section the room, creating areas of semi-privacy where each patron or group could do as they would. 

Moments after entering, the tavern keepers, a couple, greet you. "Welcome, welcome," they beam as they motion to the common room at large. "The Grey Tavern and its contents are available to all. Relax with a good book," she points at the book collection where a tall, solidly built dwarf selects a thick book and turns to find a seat. "Enjoy the food and drink," the tavern keep indicates the spread of breads, meats, and drink. Hanging from the rafters or contained in bottles in shelves over the food spread are herbs and plants of an apothecary.

"Or you can join us on the next adventure! What are you called, friend?"

An Immersive, Imaginative Experience

The Grey Tavern is a place where individuals, families, and friends can come to relax, study, discuss ponderies you have, and go on quests. It is also where all Grey Tavern quests begin. Ultimately, it is place where one can be themselves and where families and friends can create enjoyable, imaginative memories together.

The Tavern is open door. You may come to the Tavern any time you wish during the hours of operation. The Grey Tavern provides food, drinks, books, and a few other activities, but your experience at the Grey Tavern is dependent on what you bring with you. For example, if you wish to play DnD or a board game, please do, but the Grey Tavern will not have those resources. You will need to bring what you wish to play.

The Grey Tavern is an immersive environment where you can do as you wish as long as it is respectful to other patrons and the physical environment.


Our proto-type location is at 122 East 1st South, Rexburg Idaho 83440.

Hours of Operation

The Grey Tavern:
Monday - Thursday 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Friday 2:00 pm - 1:00 am
Saturday 2:00 pm - 12:00 am
Sunday 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Grey Tavern Quests:
Monday - Thursday 6pm - 11pm
Friday 4pm-1am 
Saturday 2pm-12am

Grey Tavern Food

Indicating that you are waiting for your adventuring cohorts, the apothecarian tavern keep invites you to gather strength for the quest. He guides you over to the spread, passing several patrons in their curtained alcoves. A patron is already at the spread.

As you approach, you observe her select a purple cloth from the options of green, purple, and black. She places her food on the cloth. Wrapping up her food and grabbing a fork for her chocolate treat, she returns to her seat, giving you a warm smile as she passes.

The tavern keep instructs you do as she did. Then he points to a sign that indicates the price per cloth color.


Grey Tavern food is made the day of. There are two kinds: Tavern Spread or Tavern Specials. Tavern Spread is food that is available for you to choose at any time that the Grey Tavern is open. The cloth or napkin that you choose has an associated amount of food you can select and the price for that amount.

Tavern Specials are foods you can order for your group when you schedule a quest or you can request them while at the Grey Tavern (though the former is recommended as the item may not be available for requests that day).

Grey Tavern food can be purchased via out-of-game currency or Grey Tavern Coin.

Grey Tavern Quests

Waiting for your companions to arrive, you enjoy the food you selected. From your seat, you can hear a family talking about their adventure. One of the children, a youth of no more than fourteen, had received mysterious messages delivered by strange fox.

Not knowing what the messages meant, the family consulted with the keepers of the Grey Tavern who were rumored to have contact with the Faeries. The keepers had revealed a great deal of the messages' meaning and offered to help the family discover what the author of the messages wanted the youth to find.

The family talked in wonder and excitement of the unbonded dragon they rooted out of a local merchant shop, allowing customers to return, of the miniscule, sharp boned and round-backed kobold that journeyed through the thin crack of a mine to acquire the diamond piece they needed to lift a curse on the Paramount family of entertainers, and eventually of their discovery of what the youth was directed to find- all the while the fox appeared when the adventuring family did not know where to go.

You are disrupted from hearing their find when your friends arrive. Not long after their arrival, the Tavern apothecarian emerges in winter travel cloths to escort you as the Guide on the quest. Before you leave, a stranger approaches, inquiring if he could join you on your adventure that day.

Accepting, the Guide leads you out into the community, the weather and trek being a part of the adventure.

Community Quests

Quests can be either scheduled or impromptu. Scheduled quests can be arranged beforehand on the Grey Tavern scheduling page. Impromptu quests are those in which you can join a scheduled quest or wait for the Guide to have a free time slot. Impromptu quests can be participated in at a reduced fare.

All quests are done in the community. The streets are trekked, stores, parks, and sidewalks are where encounters take place, and villains or rogue dragons could be around any corner or within any shop.

It is recommended to dress weather appropriate. Please express any accommodations your party needs when scheduling your quests.

Tips for your Guide is appreciated! And will earn you Grey Tavern Coin.


Your quest takes you to the dens of dragon queens, the sinuous webs of the Deceiver's Demon and Familiar minions, and the libraries of the Elves. All the while, a small figure with a notebook and scribbling quill follows you. She records your epic conquering of evil and jots down your jokes and comradery. 

A week later, you return to the Grey Tavern for another quest. You observe a dwarf pull a scroll out from between two apothecary bottles in the common room. He reads the tale written there to his kobold companion. You sit a little straighter as you hear the tale of your adventure from the week previous. 

Suddenly, the woman who shadowed you appears. She hands you a scroll. "For you and your cohorts."


Grey Tavern Stories

When scheduling a quest, you can request a storyteller to follow your adventures and create a narrative of that quest's events.

Depending on the duration of your quest, the storyteller may select a portion of the quest to base the narrative on.

Tips for your Storyteller is appreciated! And will earn you Grey Tavern Coin.

Grey Tavern Artifacts

After a quest, your friend has discovered a dragon egg while you have obtained the rune to the Elf family known as the Skildrex, a family specialized in the ancient symbols that unlock passage to other Realms.

The dragon egg has a heart of green and a rough shell of bluish and purple rock. The rune contains several lines positioned and oriented to resemble a door and wheel.

Grey Tavern Products

The artifacts acquired in the Grey Tavern are kept within your inventory, but physical artifacts are available for purchase. The artifacts you acquire in one season (a season lasts three months) will have a different color in the next seasons, and runes will be completely different from one season to the next.

Grey Tavern Donations

In an alcove near the book collection, a box labeled "Donations" sits. Over it hangs a sign that reads: "For general upkeep, preservation of artifacts and object of power, and provision of quests, donations are greatly appreciated."

Donations and Tips

The Grey Tavern is new to the area. As such, donations help the keepers of the Grey Tavern provide quests, artifacts, food, and features coming soon. 

Tips to Guides and Storytellers are also greatly appreciated.

All tips and donations earn you Grey Tavern Coin, which can be used to purchase artifacts, quests, or food free or at a lower fare.