All "Retired" artifacts will become available Nov 4th - Jan 1st

Donation Options

The Grey Tavern is a unique role-playing experience that focuses on bringing communities, friendships and families from all walks of spirit together in fun and imaginative ways. Every dollar donated to the Grey Tavern goes toward its ultimate vision of helping communities, friendships and families draw closer to each other as players embark on exciting and thought provoking quests through the familiar and the unfamiliar.

There are 4 donations one can select: 

Donate to the Grey Tavern effort as a whole to help in its societal commitment to help bring communities together and help local businesses grow.


Tip your Grey Tavern Adventure Guide if you enjoyed your quest and appreciate the efforts of your party's Adventure Guide.

Tip your Grey Tavern Story Teller if you enjoyed the epic depiction of an adventurous tale.

All compliments are very welcome! The greatest assistance the Grey Tavern can be given are donations of whatever you feel can be offered to help bring new adventures, new systems, and new opportunities for growth to the Grey Taverns in your area.