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If you have a strong sense of duty and desire to protect the weak and innocent, you need look no further than the Steadfast to find your brothers-in-arms. The Steadfast guild is presided over by Commander Miren, the very dragon who led the Union coalition in the battle against King Druvaris. After being approached by Angarok and his guild, The Fellowship, The Steadfast were quick to rally their forces in reclaiming North Forge for good.

After removing the Lord of Ash from his throne, Miren and The Steadfast restored North Forge as a tactical fortress to protect Anaeseans from the evil Obsidian Empire to the north. Though a much less formidable threat than they once were, servants still loyal to Druvaris constantly scheme in the Burning Lands, looking for any opportunity to destroy the Union. The Steadfast are always on guard and serve as North Forge’s primary defense against their enemies. As she is often overseeing the proceedings of the High Court within the walls of North Forge, Miren entrusts command of the Steadfast army to Maldoc, an intimidating warrior and her most loyal lieutenant. 

Having centuries of experience in overseeing the constant struggle between good and evil, Miren is a cool and contemplative magistrate. Her mastery of silver magic allows her to see through enemy maneuvers and avoid hasty, knee-jerk reactions. Miren and her followers rely on their true-sight abilities to look past the deceit and strong emotions that enemies of the Union employ to confuse and overpower their victims. Driven by her altruistic desire to aid and improve the citizens of North Forge, Miren helped The Steadfast, The Fellowship, and The Grand Continuum combine their strengths in constructing Winterhelm Academy, a school built to educate its young students in magic, combat, and civics alike. Miren remains heavily involved in the proceedings of the Academy, as she firmly believes that in helping the citizens of North Forge better themselves as individuals, the entire community will be stronger.

The Steadfast welcome the likes of knights, guards, and wardens, whose bravery and moral responsibility drive them to both protect and lead those who look up to them. While others are led by their whims and selfish desires, The Steadfast rely on their sense of duty to guide their actions. They have a keen sense of right and wrong and a firm commitment to do good. A Steadfast guild member is a true friend who shows kindness to those who deserve it and contempt for those who seek to destroy and confuse. When darkness is at its height, the Steadfast are at their peak and rise to the occasion without fear. The Steadfast encourage you to put your courage to the test by joining their mission to protect North Forge against evil and lead its people in pursuing truth and justice. 

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