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Milcom Jerrick


“King Milcom is an inspiration to all Jerrick. The strength, adaptability, and determination he showed is comparable to none except our first king: Laman, The Slayer of the Necromancer.”
- Gefen Jerrick, Overknight in the Jerrick Army

Character Description

Milcom is a thick and stout man with a jolly laugh, quick temper, and an undercurrent of discontent. He is usually dressed in Jerrick attire but enjoys wearing a thick coat with fur around the neck especially in the winter months. He finds the cloak empowering. He also wears his signet ring around his neck on a long chain. This is done because he is tired of Cale pestering him for forgetting or losing it regularly. The chain is long enough to hide the ring under his shirt but he chooses not to hide it. On more formal occasions, he will wear a finer made shirt and outfit after the Jerrick style but he will never wear anything that resembles Gaulantis fashion. His crown is only worn at special events or meetings of state. Milcom is a perfect Jerrick specimen. He has autumn hair, dust-earthy skin, and golden eyes. 

Brief Biography

Milcom is the second son and child of the previous kind and queen of the kingdom of Gaulantis. He grew up without much care other than showing his physical prowess in combative competitions and partying with his friends Aha and Jareth. 

Milcom greatly adored his older brother David. They had a special relationship in which David taught Milcom about how to inspire confidence on and off the battlefield and he encouraged Milcom to strive to make more of his life. He explained that when he became king, he wanted people he could trust to help him, and he wanted Milcom to be one of them. Milcom kept his brother’s advice locked away, not wanting to accept responsibility yet, but he never forgot them.

Due to the closeness in age of Milcom and David, Milcom’s King Emissary missions began at the age of 13 instead of 11. While he was on these missions, he was suddenly declared an enemy to the state. He found out that David was being controlled by the Gaulantis clan leader, Amlici. 

Milcom used his lessons from David to inspire others to join him and free his family and kingdom from Amlici. He, with the help of his brother, Cale, and the squires with him on his King’s Emissary quests, was able to get the Padan clan on his side. The Jerrick clan had never fought against the Padan. They greatly respected the other clan. This caused dissension among the Jerrick in Frellohelm, their home city. It gave time for Milcom to gather more of the clans to his aid while David and Amlici had to quell the dissensions. 

Milcom won the war, but it ended with David’s death, which thrust the responsibilities of the throne onto Milcom and devastated him. After the war, he agreed to marry Daya, Amlici’s daughter, to pacify clan anger. Now, at age 34, he shirks many of his kingly responsibilities and his wife to drink and to party with his youngest brother, Laman, and others in the Jerrick clan. 

He loves his firstborn son, Ben Gurion, and dislikes his second, Azriel. The first takes after him while the second takes after Daya and the Gaulantis clan which Milcom can’t stand.

When Milcom became king, his outlawed all magic in the kingdom. His law excluded some magics such as healing and crop growth magics, but all other forms are dealt with harshly by the Inquisitorium, which has grown extremely powerful under his rule.

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