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Tales of the Grey Tavern

"The Path of the Chosen"

The Path of the Chosen stories tell two types of tales: narratives of Grey Tavern Quests that you and other Animuses adventure on and stories of other worlds and realms.

Adventure Quests Narratives

North Forge

The tales within North Forge are vast and many. Each is a perspective narrative that explores and illustrates the actions of an Animus in North Forge.

Chronological Chapters

Mission Report: Infiltrator Apprehended and Poison Confiscated
Interrogation of the Poisoner

Tales of Other Worlds


Follow the story of 6 young squires as they come to unlock the secrets of the Fey and stumble upon the greater mysteries of the Dragonic orders that keep the heavens and earth safe from entities and beings that would desire the world for their own.

Chronological Chapters

Chapter 1: Call of the Emissary

Second-Sight Chapters

Second Sight: How Heroes Become Stars