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Michael Gilgal


“Michael will go far in the Inquisition as he learned well from his father the favorable traits of an Inquisitor. He is zealous and loyal.”
-Elon Gilgal, Inquisitor of the 4th Order

Character Description

Michael oozes confidence. He wears his Inquisitor robes with great pride. He has a light complexion and dark hair. His calculating eyes are also very dark and comparable to his hair. His thin lips are always slightly upturned, but not usually in a companionable grin. His lithe form is hidden under the folds of his inquisitor robes. Still growing, Michael currently stands at 5’3, but the size of his feet indicate he’s got a lot more growing to do.

Brief Biography

Michael has in one way or another always been part of the Inquisition. His father was an inquisitor. Because of this Michael spent much of his childhood in the Inquisitorium’s halls. In his late childhood, he often got in trouble as he explored areas that were banned, including the vaults of captured magical objects below the Inquisitorium. 

Eventually, his father and other Inquisitor leaders extended the invitation for him to join. This was in part due to the skills he’d obviously inherited from his father and, the other part, was to keep him in check. It was better he learn Inquisition secrets under their watch than for him to learn them himself and potentially cause disaster by misusing a magical artifact in the vault. 

Michael eagerly joined. Shortly afterward, his mother died. His relationship with his father became strained afterward and never seemed to heal. Even when his father too passed away two years later, Michael always seemed uncomfortable when his father was discussed. 

After his mother’s death, he dedicated himself to the Inquisitor cause of arresting wizards and sorcerers and their magical objects. He specifically studied the various dragon scales and the dragons they came from. Although he couldn’t admit this as an Inquisitor, he found dragons and their magic fascinating.

Due to Michael throwing himself into his studies and goals, he won the favorable eye of many of his instructors and the jealousy of his peers. He cared little for his peers and often chose to play on their jealousy or consciously provoke them.

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