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Gideon Efron


"Gideon is a true and pure Efron—skilled, handsome, dutiful to country, king, and family, and suave. I couldn’t be prouder! (sniff and eyedab)" - Parmashta Efron

Character Description

A young man filled with jovial and unbroiled confidence. His ready and brilliant smile captures the hearts of many young women while, at the same time, it disarms his enemies. Used in conjunction with his deadly and accurate fencing and single combat swordplay, Gideon is everything a young woman finds attractive and an opponent hates. Gideon’s whitish hair with its dark undertones gives a hint of “bad boy”, though he’s really more distractible and highly charismatic than “bad”. Gideon’s skin is darker and his eyes are an attractive goldish hazel. His clothes are simple. They consist of a loose, but form-fitting shirt and tight pants. His sword is always at his side.

Brief Biography

Gideon is the heir to the Efron family-- a family whose long tradition it has been to protect royal lineages, particularly the Imperial and the Jerrick lines. The Efron family is a recent family line that has become a part of Gaulantis, comparatively to the other clans. They are distinguished by their white hair, prideful joviality, and unique swordplay techniques. 

When Gideon was four, his father died during the Civil War while in service to King Milcom’s parents. Since then, Gideon has been raised by his grandfather, Parmashta Efron, instead of with his mother who is of the Jashon clan. He has visited her and his sisters many times throughout his life but does not know them well. 

Gideon’s tutelage in academics, decorum, and Efron swordplay was closely monitored if not done entirely by his grandfather. As such, Gideon adores his grandfather. He is Gideon’s compass for everything. 

Parmashta is considered the master of the Efron style of swordplay and Gideon is his prodige. Throughout Gideon’s youth  and young adult life, he participated in almost every tournament. He came in second after Prince Ben Gurion in almost every competition. His aunt Galia, who was only a few years older than him, was his only other competition in these events. When he didn’t achieve second place, she did. Gideon enjoys her company and sparring with her. 

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