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Daya Gaulantis

“Mother always laughs at my jokes and listens to my stories. She always tells me I can be anything I dream. She’s always very happy, but I think she’s sad too. Once, when I was supposed to be asleep (don’t tell her I wasn’t asleep), I saw her sitting at the window watching a bird. She seemed as though she were jealous of it.”
- Azriel Jerrick

Character Description

Daya wears her suffering well and terribly at the same time. She dresses in the Gaulantis fashion both out of pride and to annoy her husband. Her riders jackets are always embroidered fashionably, her hair is done up high on her head or left flowing freely, and she clouds herself in expensive perfumes. Although her looks are fine, sometimes overly fine when it comes to the perfume, her expressions, demeanor, and attitude are not to the same standard. She holds her head high and regal but looks down on all with a critical, yet uncaring glint. Daya rarely smiles except to Azriel. Usually her lips are a thin line or downturned into a frown. Her replies to others are sharp and biting, especially when she knows she has some form of power over them.

Brief Biography

Daya is the oldest child of Amlici, the previous Gaulantis clan lord and instigator of the Civil War. 

As a child, she adored her father. She believed in his actions and crusade. When he died, she was devastated. Before she had time to mourn, she was married to Milcom, her father’s enemy, and pregnant with their child. She was sixteen and her father had been dead less than six months.

She has since felt trapped by those she hates and those who hate her. This has made her an individual with a limited capacity to love. 

When her first son, Ben Gurion, was born, she felt her heart swell and replace the love she had for her father. But Ben Gurion was swept up by Milcom and kept from her. Though she tried her best to show her love, eventually she gave up as Ben Gurion started to mimic his fathers attitude towards her. 

It wasn’t until her second son was born that that love swelled again. She held Azriel close, afraid, that like others, he’d be taken from her. Her only kindnesses and loving attributes are saved for interactions with Azriel.

Since Azriel’s birth, Daya’s soul motivation has been giving Azriel all he needs and protecting him from the cruelty of the world. Her whole life is her son. She is now 31.

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