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Cale Jerrick


“General Cale shouldn’t be the Grand General. He’s weak. He isn’t adaptive. He isn’t Jerrick.”
- Gefen Jerrick, Overknight in the Jerrick Army

Character Description

As the Grand General of the Jerrick army, Cale dresses in a strong manner. He dresses in the Jerrick style but usually increases the formality of his dress with a long and collared tunic. Since his brother’s rise to the throne, Cale has been the one picking up what responsibilities Milcom throws to the side, which is most of them. In meetings, he utilizes his tactical mind to come to and navigate the room to the best solutions. Cale carries an air of submission even though he is the Grand General. Milcom regularly takes his frustrations out on Cale verbally and Cale takes it, leading to other kingdom leaders disrespecting the general. Cale often looks tired as he is usually up late into the night, or doesn’t sleep at all, performing kingdom duties. Cale looks much like his brother Milcom, but his form is thinner. Still stocky, just not bulky. Despite the weight of the tasks he carries, Cale stands in a stalwart manner.

Brief Biography

Cale is the younger brother to Milcom and is the third child in that family. He, like Milcom, greatly loved his eldest brother, David. Though he didn’t have as close a relationship with David, he more than his other brothers respected the political skills and charisma David had. Cale, in many ways, tries to emulate David as he does his current duties for Milcom. 

When the Civil War started, Cale was held in Frellohelm. He watched his perfect older brother become a feared ruler and one who listened far too much to an advisor of ill-intent. He was forced to witness his parents’ deaths while captive. Though he was terrified and grieving, Cale had to be brave for his younger brother, Laman, who was a captive with him. 

Cale was rescued from his imprisonment by the Efron when they rebelled against David. He then joined Milcom and helped to rally the clans to Milcom's cause. During this time, he proved to have a talent for battle strategy. Milcom and the other were often frustrated with Cale’s tactical and practical mindset, which they saw as too rigid. 

When the war was won, Cale buried his sadness and pain from the events of the Civil War in his work. Cale hasn’t emerged from his self burial in fourteen years.

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