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Azriel Jerrick

“My nephew is a joy. He’s full of knowledge, especially about the past though it’s tainted slightly by the fantastical books he reads. But should a child view the world any other way— fantastical?”

-Abiathar Gaulantis

Character Description

Azriel approaches the world with a ready smile. His bright blue eyes take in the curiosities around him and he wonders at the purposes and inner workings of the world, society, and people. His shoulder-length, white-blonde hair is always displaced due to the near-constant nervous raking of his hand through it. Azriel is quite small for his age and painfully thin. He wears Gaulantis styles and colors. His mother says he inherited her people’s coloring so he should match their style rather than that of his father’s people. Azriel is almost always seen with a book.

Brief Biography

Azriel Jerrick is the second son of King Milcom and Queen Daya of the kingdom of Gaulantis. He takes after his mother in all physical respects other than his hair color. His thin form and Gaulantis personality causes his father great ire and his mother great happiness. So, Daya has taken Azriel fully under her wing. King Milcom’s dislike of Azriel is well known, except to Azriel himself.

Azriel has enjoyed a life of learning and access to all the storybooks he could ever want. Between his tutors and his mother’s instruction, Azriel has a great amount of knowledge for one so young and has enjoyed a relatively happy upbringing. From his fictional books, Azriel dreams of becoming a great hero for his kingdom, like his father.

One of Azriel’s proudest moments was when he was eight years old. His father spent a rare moment with him, which overjoyed Azriel. He was anxious to show his father his heroic potential. They went to the practice yards and his father handed him a bow. Before Azriel could ask for a sword, his father mumbled something about a sword weighing twice as much as him. Azriel needed his father’s help to pull back the string the first few times, but he was able to do it on his own after that, though his arms shook violently. His arrows either flew wide or bounced along the ground between him and the target. His father became angry and turned away in frustration. Scared that his father would leave, Azriel accidentally loosed the arrow had nocked. When he looked to see where his arrow had gone, he was shocked to see it wiggling in the edge of the bulls-eye. He called out to his father. When King Milcom turned around, he seemed about to speak in anger, but seeing the arrow, he paused. After a moment, he told Azriel that he’d done well. It was the only words of praise he could remember his father giving him.

When Azriel isn’t reading or with his mother, he is with his Uncle Abiathar, the Warden of Frellohelm. Usually these interactions are a lively conversation about adventure stories as they go about accomplishing Abiathar’s tasks.

A frequent topic recently in their conversations has been Azriel’s upcoming 11th birthday and the King’s Emissary tasks that he will be given on his birthday.

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