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Athalia Padan


“I witnessed the Battle of Hammerdown. It was one of the only recorded battles where the Padan clan displayed their incredible might and deadly proficiency with their axes and spears. It was terrible. I have been grateful since then that the Padans are not a bloodthirsty people. Athalia the 10th is one of the most proficient I have ever seen. I shudder to think of the Battle of Hammerdown had she been there.”
- Cale Jerrick

Character Description

A physically imposing young woman. Her full height is 6’1 and her voluminous, golden brown hair adds another few inches to her perceived height. Athalia looks down on the world from her height with greyish brown eyes that many find slightly unnerving because they feel they’re being seen through to the soul. Her rich, sun-gold skin is looked on with envy by many of the Jerricks and other clans within Frellohelm. Although offered other types of clothes, Athalia opts for the simple cotton clothes of her people. Her weapons on her at all times are a staff, a dagger in a small sheath at her hip, a sling and bag of stones, and her double-bladed axe, a gift from her father and mother. When going into combat, she also carries a shield.

Brief Biography

Athalia, often called Atha, is a Padan through and through. She follows her people’s traditions of respect for family, the earth, and life in the world. They will not wear the skins of animals and do not eat meat. Instead, she and her people are commonly seen in cotton cloths, or silk, on special occasions.

She is the oldest of six children and was sad to leave them to answer the call of the Jerricks to serve. King Milcom has long selected her to serve as the Protector of his son, Azriel, once he becomes a King’s Emissary. The role of the Protector requires much training and Athalia was called to Frellohelm at the age of 8. Now, at the age of 18, she has trained for 10 years. 

Very few have seen her skills with the axe as she will not use it in contests. In these contests, she will only use her staff. 

Athalia’s namesake is Athalia the 1st. The Padans say that she was the first of their line, but historical records tell otherwise. Either way, Athalia the 1st is very important to the Padan clan. The firstborn women of Athalia the 1st’s direct line are named after her. Athalia is the 10th of this line.

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