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Ammon Jerrick

“Ammon has an inherent gift of seeing the best in others. I fear others may use that against him, but a good healer knows they can only help others if they themselves are whole enough to administer aid. My Ammon is a good healer.”
- Jerusha Jerrick

Character Description

A confident and kind boy who believes a wide, genuine smile and kind words can do just as much healing as any ointment or medicine. Ammon has short milk chocolate brown hair, and his eyes are reddish brown. He is tall for his age. Ammon wears the traditional healer apparel of the kingdom of Gaulantis: a work tunic over a Jerrick-style work shirt and a cloak the color of the royal house (red). He always has two satchels on his person and belts with multiple pouches. These all carry the supplies he most regularly needs as a healer.

Brief Biography

Ammon’s lineage and age is unknown. Based on his hair, eye, and skin color he is most likely of Dothan or Heshlon descent, but Ammon, though he’s wondered, has not felt much need to search out his biological family.

During the Civil War, he was brought to Frellohelm as a refugee. He was only an infant. No one seemed to know who his parents were. Not long after his arrival, he was adopted by an older couple in Frellohelm. His adoptive father is a Jerrick crafter. His adoptive mother is related to the Gaulantis clan and serves as a healer and midwife to the high class women in Frellohelm.

Ammon loves them both but has a special relationship with his adoptive mother, Jerusha. As he grew older, Ammon showed a talent and fascination with the art of healing. He learned at her side as she performed her duties. 

Around the age of twelve, Ammon became the apprentice of the royal healer. This proved to be a very different experience than when he’d learned from his mother. The healer was gruffer and grouchy with age. In fact, the healer was particularly mean. When Ammon talked with his mother about his frustrations with his master, she helped him to identify some ailments of age the healer was experiencing. She helped him learn how to work with the healer and how to help the older man. 

Now, at the age of 16, Ammon is ready to serve as Prince Azriel’s healer.

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