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The Grey Tavern Volunteer Role Path Policies for Barkeepers: Mixer


If you haven't gone through the step by step process to become a Grey Tavern volunteer, we recommend doing so before reading this page. The details below will make more sense if you do.

You'll find the steps under the Tavern Volunteer Opportunities above.

If you have become a volunteer and are learning about the Volunteer Role Paths, please continue!

What You Get from this Role

Being a Mixer is a very important role. As a Mixer, you will have many opportunities to work with others and craft drink mixes for Tavern patrons to enjoy within the Tavern.

You will work with Bakers, Sophers, Confectioners, other Barkeepers, and many others with 1 overarching and imperative goal that all Mixers share:

As a Mixer, you get to:

  • Craft tasty drink mixes that range from unique and exciting to soothing and familiar
  • See your mixes enjoyed by others
  • Deliver your drinks  to people within the community
  • Create new recipes
  • And much more


Give us call or email us and we'd love to start working with you!

Responsibilities and Reporting

As a Mixer, you are the face of the Barkeepers to many other volunteers and will have the opportunity to participate in many projects and to create a wide range of drink mixes, but you do not have:

  • Power to change the lore you may be naming recipes after or other such lore-related things
  • Power to change Mixer style guides, parameters, etc.
  • Power to edit, critic, or change other Mixer’s work
  • Start a project of your own without Grey Tavern permission

These responsibilities belong with the Sopher Role Path, the tier 2 Barkeepers, and the tier 3 Barkeepers, respectively.

You can, however, bring up ideas and suggestions on Barkeepers issues, improvements, etc. with your Vice Mixers.

Who Mixer Report to and What They Report

Mixers report to a Vice Mixer, a tier 2 Barkeepers. 

What your report should include is described below in section “1. Report to Vice Mixers”

What to Expect

As Veracity and Dragon Merit points are given on a weekly basis, we’ll be talking about Mixer tasks on a weekly, and sometimes monthly, basis.

Working on Assignments



This example calendar shows the 3 primary types of tasks you should expect on a weekly basis. Each is described in more detail below.

1.  Report to Vice Mixers (Gaderung Meetings)

You will be expected to report to a Vice Mixer that you are assigned to twice a week. There will be 2- 8 Mixers reporting at the same time as you. This group is called a Vice Mixer's Gaderung.

Vice Mixer’s Gaderung

Wednesday and Saturday are the default days to report to your Vice Mixers. These days can change on a Gaderung by Gaderung basis, but the Vice Mixer needs to let the Chief Vice Mixers know.

Purpose of Gaderung meetings:

  • Report on Mixer projects’ and tasks’ progress
  • Report on drink deliveries both to the Tavern and to the community
  • Brainstorm recipes or fun ways to deliver treats to the community
  • Ask Vice Mixers questions on how elements should be crafted or otherwise handled
  • Communicating on how working with your assigned Lorekeeper, Sopher, fellow Mixers, or other volunteers is going

If you need to report someone breaking a Grey Tavern rule, treating others poorly as described in Grey Tavern rules, or someone being physically hurt by another volunteer or Grey Tavern patron, report these to your assigned Sopher, not your Vice Mixers.

2.  Mixer Creation


There are two shifts with Mixers: The Monday shift and the Thursday shift.

The Monday shift looks like this:

The only elements that are musts for this shift is delivering drinks on Monday, delivering unconsumed drinks to the community on Thursday, and Gaderung meetings. All other activities may or may not occur in a week.

The Thursday shift looks like this:

The only elements that are musts for this shift is delivering drinks on Thursday, delivering unconsumed drinks to the community on Monday or Sunday, and Gaderung meetings. All other activities may or may not occur in a week.

For the Thursday shift, these Mixers can choose to deliver unconsumed drinks on Sunday, if they wish.

Recipes/Original Content

There are 2 rules with making new recipes:

  1. When making recipes, make sure you follow the style guide
  2. DO NOT serve the products of new recipes until after both the Vice Mixers and the Head Barkeepers have approved the recipe and scheduled it.

If you are looking for ways to meet your minimum hours per week, trying new recipes is a good way to make up hours.

Organize Donated Foods

This may not be needed every week. Your Vice Mixers will reach out if there is anything they need help organizing.

Delivering Unconsumed Confections

Drinks that go unconsumed must be delivered to the local community. As drinks are or can be less easily transportable than food items, Mixers and other Barkeepers may need to get creative about how they get rid of old drinks.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have a weekly Merry Hour in which Grey Tavern patrons and the local community are invited to enjoy free drinks as long as they give an invitation to a friend for every drink they consume (it’d be biweekly if both shifts do this). Mixers would need be in charge of getting the word out into the community.
  • Have a “lemonade” stand
  • Coordinate with a senior living center, orphanage/foster care, hospital, schools, homeschools, etc. and bring drinks to them and serve them in a quick-set up tavern (if the location approves)

Whatever your idea, you must:

  • Approve it by The Grey Tavern, reach out to Septimus for this
  • Reach out to the local community in some way and make it plain that this is for The Grey Tavern. That can be invitations, a sign on a booth or stand, etc.
10% Rule

The 10% Rule is that for every 10 items of equal quality (time, effort, design, etc), you get to keep 1 and take it home with you.

 3. Veracity Report

Veracity Reports are listed under each “calendar” event for a reason.

Here’s a meta tip:

  • Filling out an Order Veracity Report after every activity will get you more Veracity overall.

The Report takes 5 minutes or less to complete! We strongly suggest that you wrap up every activity by filling out an Order Veracity Report.

Grey Tavern Property Damage

If any Grey Tavern physical property is damaged as a result of your actions or during an Order activity, you are expected to:

  • Report the damage to The Grey Tavern
  • Replace or fix it
    • If you don’t, it will become something for your Order to replace or fix

  • If the thing is too expensive to replace, you may:
    • Submit an item request to a Generative Order

  •  If you don’t have the skills to fix it or the resources, you may:
    • Submit a request to an Eternal Order to help you fix it

Making Changes or Ascending the Hierarchy

There are 2 ways of moving things forward:

  1. If you see an issue, an opportunity to make an improvement, or something that can be done, you may propose a project to The Grey Tavern.
  2. You may apply to ascend to a higher position in the Mixer hierarchy. You could only apply to be a Vice Mixer when you are a Mixer.

Use the links above to see the details of how to do these 2 things and to access the forms.

Barkeepers Hierarchy

Intellectual Property

When you first became a Mixer, you signed a Volunteer Appointment Agreement. Within it, there was an Intellectual Property release section. Here, we will clarify some of what Intellectual Property you are giving to The Grey Tavern as part of that release.

  • All Mixer and drink projects and tasks that are assigned to you by the Grey Tavern as well as those projects and tasks that are part of an Original Content project you submit and get approved or an Original Content project you participate in
  • All drink and recipe ideas
  • All drinks you do that becomes a part of any Grey Tavern project
  • Creator and authorship rights
  • Game, story, costume, etc. ideas, assets, materials, skills, or time contributed to any The Grey Tavern project or event

Volunteer Time

As a Grey Tavern volunteer, The Grey Tavern requires volunteers to communicate with them what their minimum and maximum hours they can donate per week are.

This is done when you sign the “The Grey Tavern Volunteer Rules and Policies” agreement. However, if you need to change these hours, you simply need to communicate the changes to your Vice Mixers who will send the message up the chain.

These hours are required because it helps The Grey Tavern as well as Volunteer and Order leaders know how much to expect from you. This will help:

  • You not feel overburdened
  • Leaders not feel that they have to do everything by themselves

You will receive a strike if you do not meet your minimum hours per week. This can easily be removed by meeting your minimum hours the next week.

What Type of Volunteering You’re Offering

Volunteering type is important for knowing what donation or quest type you should generally be reporting for your role.

As a Mixer, you will be spending most of your volunteer service donating Goods. These goods are put into:

  • Drinks that are either created at The Grey Tavern location or at your home

A donation type that you will be using second to Goods is Tavern Volunteering which focuses on time spent. Some activities in which you should log Tavern Volunteering donations are:

  • Creating new recipes
  • Delivering unconsumed treats to the community

You will usually get the greatest benefit, in total Veracity earned in a week, through submitting a Goods Order Veracity Report. However, you should report a Tavern Volunteering Order Veracity Report when that one is more appropriate. If you are found intentionally submitting a Goods Report when you should be submitting a Tavern Volunteering, you will be reviewed and potentially removed from your position.

If you are in a Generative Order as well, the Goods you donate will have the greatest effect as far as Veracity earned per week. However, your Mixer service will always increase your Veracity, as long as you report it, no matter what Order type you are part of.

What to Expect from Working with Us

We truly want you to have fun as a Mixer!

We seek to give you as much autonomy as possible within your role. As long as you keep what’s listed in the following list, we wish for you to thrive, imagine, and make this role yours.

  • Keep your commitments
  • Keep the guidelines expressed in this document
  • Keep the rules of The Grey Tavern
  • Stay within Mixer rules, expectations, style guides, and other Mixer parameters
  • Stay within Grey Tavern lore
  • Fill out your Order Veracity Report regularly
  • Treat others with respect and kindness
  • Do not intentionally damage Grey Tavern property
  • Communicate with The Grey Tavern when your commitments need to change or if you have a Legitimate Excuse (Link) for why you weren’t able to keep it
  • Approve your projects with The Grey Tavern BEFORE starting on them