Production of artifacts are on hold and will not be shipped out

Quest Testers

Thank you for expressing interesting in testing Grey Tavern quests! We have many game systems scheduled for launch over the next several months that require testing, so we are always in need of game testers.

Currently, we are testing the Grey Tavern Adventure System. This system is designed to provide a real-world experience similar to a "Skyrim" open world where you, in character, can interact with human-NPC-like characters who are aided by your Grey Tavern quest Guide to provide a fun, imaginative, and immersive experience.

The current test we are running is for a hybrid between a typical RPG adventure and an exploratory game of personal exploration and discovery. Every location you participate in, you act as an inter-dimensional being known as a Protector. The known world and universe that you see around you is only one of 16 dimensions that make up the Mortal World. Every location you visit and explore is many things at the same time: a shop, a kingdom, a county, and a universe. As a Protector, your role is to help answer the pleas of help from the many beings that require your aide.

There is some basic information we need to know from you to set up test quests.

Please fill out this form.

After you've filled out this form, we'll reach out to you to coordinate a quest with other interested participants. Keep an eye on your inbox. We look forward to adventuring with you!

For any questions, email